Union Jack Birthday Party

So now that Baby Bumpkin is 14 months old, and all traces of his birthday party are now absent from our home…….oh wait, I still have a bunch of party decor kicking around…   Ok!  So now that he is 14 months old and I can’t officially let go of the fact that his first … Continue reading

12 month Baby Bumpkin Update

WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!  My itty bitty Shrimp turned one!  The most epic year of my life has come to a close, but a new and exciting chapter is just about to start!  Arthur has started the amazing transformation from infant to toddler, and is enjoying the process immensely (so are we!)!!!     Eating 1 … Continue reading

11 month Baby Bumpkin Update

Only one more month until the big first birthday!  This month has been a real blast seeing Arthur grow and develop into his very own “big kid” personality!  He is quickly changing from all baby to a toddler right in front of my eyes!  I’m equally torn between excitement and heartbreak!  I am starting to … Continue reading

10 Month Baby Bumpkin Update

  Whoa baby!  We’ve hit the double digits!  Only 2 months out from the big first birthday and I can’t believe how big my baby seems!  I have to keep reminding myself to focus on and enjoy the present because I keep getting so excited about what the future holds!   Eating Arthur has been … Continue reading

Thrifting Haul!

Hubby Bumpkin and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary this week with a trip to the Big City with Baby Bumpkin, dinner out alone and a quick (childless) trip to the thrift store! On Monday afternoon, we packed up, and headed in to stay at my Mother in Law’s for the night!  She had agreed … Continue reading

9 Month Baby Bumpkin Update

My sweet baby boy has had a bit of a rough time recently, but now that he’s been “earthside” for as long as he was growing in my belly I can’t talk enough about all the big changes he’s made this month! Eating 9 months and still nursing!  Arthur continues to be breastfed on demand, … Continue reading