Union Jack Birthday Party

So now that Baby Bumpkin is 14 months old, and all traces of his birthday party are now absent from our home…….oh wait, I still have a bunch of party decor kicking around…   Ok!  So now that he is 14 months old and I can’t officially let go of the fact that his first year of life, and his birthday party are over, I thought I’d piece it together into a blog post to share the details of the ridiculously elaborate party I threw for my 1 yr old!


We chose the theme for his party around Halloween.  He was dressed as a British Footguard, and we (I) ran with the idea from there.  I originally planned on hosting High Tea, but when I started reading up on how to exactly pull this off without sacrificing authenticity, and decided we would just call it a “tea party” and go from there.  I think it all came off perfectly!


I hand made his invitations, and used the “Keep Calm” font I downloaded for all the text.  I simply used scrapbook cardstock and a little ink to distress the edges.  I knew hosting a tea party for my son, wouldn’t be a popular choice, so I tried to make a few details a little more masculine.  These guys were heavy, but luckily Canada Post shipped them at no extra cost!  They seemed to be a big hit, I heard my Mother in Law took hers to work to show off!  I’m very happy with how they turned out, and really wasn’t much more than gluing some strips of paper onto the card!



I wanted to craft as much of the decor and prepare as much of the food as possible myself.  Hubby Bumpkin more than once referred to me as “That mom”, he meant it in a positive light, but in hindsight, “That Mom” wasn’t a very friendly person the week leading up to this party.  I bit off way more than I could chew, spending nearly every night in a row awake until 4 am crafting my little heart out.   This has lead me to choose either less detailed parties in the future, or, starting well in advance!  This banner became my pride and joy!  I cut out each triangle, each strip of paper, and glued it all together to make the union jack design!  I used the Cricut to help with the letters and then took 3 attempts to string it all properly so the words weren’t backwards!  (I cried a lot over this banner!)  It is currently still hanging in my kitchen.  I will eventually take it down, and I’ll probably cry again then.  I am thrilled with the punch it added to his party, but it took so much work!



This is my first and last time attempting fondant that doesn’t come premade out of a package!  The cake was saved by the stunning cake topper that I won as part of a local home business’ giveaway!  The vanilla cake tasted delicious, but it wasn’t exactly the prettiest thing to look at!  Next time I decided to use fondant icing, I will be taking my butt straight to Michael’s and buying the package of Wilton without hesitation!



I also made mini chocolate cupcakes!  This was Arthur’s first real dessert and I wasn’t comfortable with feeding him a whole slice of cake, so this was our compromise.  I bought the little flags on Amazon!


This poster, along with the back drops for our “photo booth” and the Royal Family masks were all borrowed from a friend who had a British themed Social the weekend before his party. (Socials are incredibly common wedding fundraisers here… we like to think it’s not tacky because everybody and their dog has them!)   We were so lucky to have planned this party just after they had their social!









What is a birthday party without streamers?  Well, not a very fun birthday party if you ask me…. ok. Actually I’m kidding, I don’t care much for or about streamers, but I did buy some in the Union Jack’s colours incase we wanted to throw them up last minute.  As I was going to bed the night before the party, my brother (who is 6’9″) offered to put them up for me!  When I came out in the morning, THIS is what awaited me!  He made the union jack on the ceiling, out of streamers.  I was floored!




I took monthly photos of Arthur in the same spot in his room, and used the first 11 months to display at his party.  I again, used the Cricut to make the frames from cardstock!



I also included a wall of photos of Queen Elizabeth II.  I cut these out of a magazine.


Where’s Baby Bumpkin?



As for the food and drinks, we served tea of course!  As well as Iced Tea.  I used old Starbucks frap glasses and cut a hole in the lids for the paper straws!



We served a buffet of tea biscuits and scones with craisins.  Mini cupcakes, sandwiches, and many more treats almost all made from scratch by me!





I worked very hard on these cookies.  Luckily I did make them roughly a week in advanceand froze them!  It made prepping everything else a touch less overwhelming!


This was something I saw on Pinterest.  I thought it was really funny, and although I’m not a fan of goldfish crackers nutritionally, making my own wasn’t possible due to lack of time and or real dedication to this project!  This was about the only part of the party that involved opening 2 bags, dumping the contents in a bowl and calling it genius…. I will strive for more of this in future years!


Over all this was a wonderful party and I am so happy with how everything turned out!  I’ve set the bar incredibly high for future years, but the party planner in me couldn’t be happier!  Arthur was spoiled with gifts and we are so lucky to be surrounded with love and support all the time!

Thanks for reading!

20140518-IMG_0044 20140518-IMG_0062



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