11 month Baby Bumpkin Update

Only one more month until the big first birthday!  This month has been a real blast seeing Arthur grow and develop into his very own “big kid” personality!  He is quickly changing from all baby to a toddler right in front of my eyes!  I’m equally torn between excitement and heartbreak!  I am starting to see the start of my favourite stage of child development and it makes me absolutely giddy, but knowing the end of an important chapter is near does bring on some very mixed emotions!



Wowza, this boy has developed an appetite!  He must have hit a month long growth spurt, because this boy can hardly be satisfied!  He has been eating 3 meals a day for a while now, but lately some fruit and cheese for example won’t cut it for breakfast or lunch, this boy needs MORE!  Along with eating more quantity in food, Baby Bumpkin has been trying some new flavours that aren’t the norm in our house!  I am not an adventurous cook, but after sampling some of my mom’s shrimp and coconut milk curry I knew I wanted to test out the recipe.  It was delicious, and our whole family gobbled it up!  I was a little surprised at how well Arthur handled the heat!  It had me gulping down water, and he just casually took some sips here and there.


On that note, I finally broke down and gave Arthur a sippy cup.  I had been avoiding it, hoping he’d take to a real cup, or other similar drinking container, but it just never happened.  My parents came for a visit and gave Baby Bumpkin a stainless steel sippy cup with several differing lids (bottle, sippy, straw, and water bottle).  He really has that down pat, so I think we’ll just go with it.  As much as I was hoping to just skip that step.

He is still nursing on demand, and I have no plans to give that up in the next month!


Along with his appetite his weight has gone up as well!  I used our scale at home to weigh him, and it made me very nervous to see that he hadn’t gained a pound since our last weigh in.  BUT thankfully when I had the chance to weigh him on an infant scale, (fully dressed in a diaper) he came in at 19lbs 10 oz!  More than a lb heavier than the scale at home said (phew!)  He is also noticeably taller, so that may play into the slow weight gain as well!   Over all I’m happy with this.  My little guy at 11 months old still fits in an infant car seat if we had one, or in his car seat without the added headrest, which limits space!  I sure love that boy!

It's a good thing he doesn't weigh too much!  He's so busy helping!

It’s a good thing he doesn’t weigh too much! He’s so busy helping!


Long exhale of relief!  He has been making such HUGE improvements!  I am thrilled to say Arthur had his first ever 10 hour stretch of sleep!  It was AMAZING!  After a very rough 10th month of sleep, my parents came to visit and my mom offered to wake through the night with Baby Bumpkin so I could rest!  That felt so wonderful! AND Arthur only woke up once!  Most nights this month he has only woken 1-2 times after I’ve gone to bed, making 4-6 hour stretches of sleep a regular occurrence again!


We had a bit of a sleep regression while visiting my MIL, but since returning home, each night is an improvement on the last!


Arthur has just generally gotten “older” this month.


He just recently started waving to say hello or goodbye.

He plays peekaboo by pulling a towel, shirt, or blanket over his face and pulling it down quickly.  And he also tries to cover his face with both hands and then moving them.

Playing the same game it really looks like he is blowing kisses with both hands when he misses his eyes.  We try to show him how to blow kisses when he does this in hopes it will become intentional!

Baby Bumpkin is “floating” before falling on his bum from a standing position.  He’ll float for a few seconds before sitting down when he lets go of whatever object he was using to keep his balance while standing.  Several times we’ve caught him standing unassisted for close to 30 seconds when he wasn’t paying attention!



Boba carrier for the win this month!  I’ve been using it again, as Arthur becomes even more mobile, it’s so handy to toss him on my back while I run down to throw in a load of laundry, or at the grocery store when I’m in a hurry and he’s sleepy!  We also used it to keep him nearby when shoveling the driveway, and he enjoyed some snowshoeing with his daddy!


We’ve also gone on walks with friends now that the weather is warming up, and we really don’t have a decent stroller to take (or the space to put it if we did have one) so the boba has been excellent then too!

The ring sling got some loving this month too, but for the most part that was just for some extra cuddles and boobie milk, it’s much easier to nurse in than the Boba I find!




For the second and third and forth time since Baby Bumpkin was 1 month old he wore a *GASP* disposable diaper!  For the record I have nothing against using disposables, we just much prefer everything about cloth!  Arthur has been battling some pretty serious rashes this month, and while I’ve resorted to using some zinc cream and flushable liners on his cloth, I wanted to see if using a disposable diaper might clear it up quicker.  I loaded up the zinc cream, and put him down for the night in a “sposie”.  I tried this a few times and honestly it made no difference.   I’m just glad I have friends to lend me the diapers so I wasn’t out the cost of a whole pack! (those suckers are needlessly expensive!)

We are continuing to combat this rash (it went away briefly, and is now back again), with baking soda baths, bare bum time, coconut oil and lavender E.O. and zinc cream with liners!  Any other tips?

Part of the problem I think is that we’ve had lots of acidic foods lately, and perhaps if we limit the tomatoes, it could help clear him up!  Honestly I just hope that he clears up soon!  It sure can’t be comfortable!


Well that’s it for this month, I’ve had such a wonderful time.  He has been such a ham for photos making some silly faces and great big smiles!  I’m really looking forward, again, to all that this month coming up has in store, including Arthur’s 1st birthday party!  I’m excited to share with you the details on party planning, and how everything with that turns out!



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