This is not a Joke……. Although I really wish it was!

Happy April 1st.  April Fools, if you will!

A day normally reserved for your biggest and best practical joke, this year Mother Nature, went all out!


What this photo doesn’t show you… the day before, the deck had been completely bare, and the windows were all open!  The path shown is also much deeper than it appears!  To my knees to be exact!



The night before Hubby Bumpkin worked an evening shift (home at midnight).  The highways were closed and he was supposed to sleep at work.   He’d need to drive about 2km on the closed road to get to our driveway.  With no other traffic, and a tow truck escort, he decided to risk it, and made it home about 30 minutes late.

Now by “made it home” I really mean, he made it to the end of our driveway.  Pulled the truck in as far as he could and then waded through the deep snow to the house!


Unfortunately to get the truck out of the way of the snow plows that would eventually be out clearing the highway, he got Chevy stuck in the deep deep snow!

We’ve had a lengthy battle all winter long with Sears in regards to a snowblower that does not work, and therefore our only option to clear the driveway was by hand!  With a deadline to get to work for this evening’s shift, we decided to make it a family affair!


Adding an extra 20lbs of weight to your back, sure adds to the work out!


The worst part…. it was dead weight!



We shovelled roughly 60 feet of driveway, and Hubby Bumpkin managed to back his truck over some wooden blocks to free it!


The worst part was the last 10-15 feet, where the snow plows left packed windrows that needed to be broken apart, before being dug out!  I’m so grateful that the temps stayed cold enough that it was mostly light fluffy snow that we had to move!


Hubby Bumpkin showing off our hard work!  The snow here isn’t even as high as it is in some parts of our yard!  It had all been melting rapidly the day before, and this was just incredible.  I think they said we officially got between 12-24 inches of snow, but with drifting, there were places that whole buildings were covered!


Looks like this might be some alternative transportation for the next few days!  My car is stuck in place until we either find someone with time to plow the remaining 150 meters of our driveway, or it melts!



Hope wherever you are reading this today that you are nice and warm!


3 thoughts on “This is not a Joke……. Although I really wish it was!

  1. YUCK! That is a whole lo of snow! I hope spring finds its way to you soon! It’s so frustrating when you’ve had such a long snowy winter and then spring refuses to show up!

  2. Okay, this isn’t funny anymore. Time for spring! I’ve shoveled with a baby in my carrier, too, and it is one heck of a workout. Thankfully, my snow drifts were not as high as yours were. I hope you rewarded yourself with a giant bowl of ice cream and humongous brownie. 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness!! I live in Minnesota so I totally feel your pain! We had snow into mid may last year & I really am desperate to move South after that 🙂 Hoping it’s gone now for yoU!

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