10 Month Baby Bumpkin Update


IMG_5958Whoa baby!  We’ve hit the double digits!  Only 2 months out from the big first birthday and I can’t believe how big my baby seems!  I have to keep reminding myself to focus on and enjoy the present because I keep getting so excited about what the future holds!




Arthur has been exploring more with different tastes and textures of foods this month.  He really is happy with anything we put in front of him!  I notice that his appetite varies day to day, but the times that it seems really low, and I consider worrying about it, he perks right back up to normal the next day!

He continues to be nursed on demand.  I have noticed a recent drop in my supply, but wonder if I’m just noticing normal fluctuation based on my cycle.  He seems satisfied, but goes quite a long time between feeds some days and that worries me a little.  I’m trying to continue trusting my body will always have enough to meet his needs, and really so far, it hasn’t let me down!


You know I never got the chance to stick him on a scale this month.  I imagine he’s gained, but not substantially.  He’s just a slow and steady grower!  Of course if I get the opportunity to weigh him I will update here!  I’m feeling surprisingly at ease with not knowing his numbers this month!



harblegarblewhompomppomp!  <— That is just about the most coherent phrase I am managing to get out lately.  Day light savings seems to have tossed us for a HUGE loop this season!  We lost an hour, so it might make sense that his sleep shift time by an hour, or he sleep 1 hour more or less than his normal… right?!?!   WRONG!  This kid, although wonderful the actual day after daylight savings, has hit a regression of epic proportions!  Awake every 30-45 minutes some nights!  He has a really really hard time falling asleep in his crib, no matter what I try doing, but if I bring him into our bed, he doesn’t sleep.  He wakes up completely and tries lunging over our bodies to reach all the great stuff on our nightstands that he can’t have!  Ever see that vine trend “whaling”?  Imagine a 10 month old doing that in bed from about 2am until you finally give up around 6 and take him out to the living room!   I’m beat.  Hubby Bumpkin is beat.  This child has beat us!  Nothing to do now, but give in to his little terrorist demands and party hardy all night long!    (for the record, I don’t actually think my child is terrorizing us on purpose, he’s not malicious, but I’ll try to think of nicer words when I’ve had more than an hours sleep in a row in a month!)



We’ve now got 2 teeth on the bottom, one totally through on the top and one more making it’s way in right beside it!  That third tooth seemed to sneak right in with hardly any pain, but #4 is a killer!

Arthur is now clapping his hands on demand (he’s been clapping since around 7-8 months, but only recently when we ask him to)

He is pulling up on anything and everything, more and more on my legs when I’m standing in the kitchen.  He can motor around on his hands and knees, and lately has loved the push toy dino that was handed down from my nephew!  He walks behind it back and forth across our livingroom!

Arthur has come down the step into the living room, by himself, by turning around first.  We have been helping him for a while now, turning him and pulling gently to coax him down.  He has only recently been doing it on his own, but still prefers our help if he knows we’re near by!

Baby Bumpkin also is repeating sounds more clearly than before!  He is quite chatty and loves to talk!

He also has been pushing and moving toys with wheels (like a little train or tractor) around the room while he plays!  It’s so cool to see him understanding what motions those objects can make, and then play with them appropriately!



Well I have officially given up on the wrap carries for the time being.  Instead, we are using my woven wrap as a hammock under our dining room table!  Arthur loves “relaxing” in it and it has been a lot of fun to use it in this positive way!

I have been using our Boba 3g a lot more lately too!  I will often toss Arthur on my back when I need to go down to the basement to switch over laundry or am in the middle of cooking dinner and he just won’t get out from under my feet!  It has been really handy too on the days that I’m doubly busy with “Miss B” (the 12 month old girl I care for 2 days a week, temporally).



I did an RLR strip on our pocket diapers, and honestly it only improved the stink issues a little bit.  Due to sleep issues this month, I just don’t have the energy to figure it all out, and the smell isn’t bothering me near bad enough to do more about it at this time.  As long as he is changed frequently, it never gets that bad.  We’ve still kept him 100% in cloth, and I feel lucky that over all, it’s still really working out for us!

A friend of Hubby Bumpkin, was staying with us a week ago.  He and his wife are starting to plan their family and he is really interested in using cloth diapers, but she is not.  (talk about some good promotion from Hubby Bumpkin!)  The issue for his wife, is that she thinks it’s gross.  This got me thinking, I don’t find using cloth diapers particularly gross, but then again, I’ve only ever used them on my own child.  Maybe there is something to the idea that your own baby’s poop isn’t as disgusting as someone else’s.  I won’t say that there hasn’t been a time that I considered just tossing the whole diaper in the trash rather than having to deal with washing it, but that has been an isolated event, and I’m not convinced that using disposables in that instance would have been much better!  In the end, cloth might not be for everyone, but I’m sure glad that I have had success with it!

With the exception of sleep this month has been really great.  Baby Bumpkin has let his little personality shine through and it warms my heart to see how happy he really can be!  He is thrilled with just the tiniest things!


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