Thrifting Haul!

Hubby Bumpkin and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary this week with a trip to the Big City with Baby Bumpkin, dinner out alone and a quick (childless) trip to the thrift store!

On Monday afternoon, we packed up, and headed in to stay at my Mother in Law’s for the night!  She had agreed to watch Arthur for us, so we could spend some alone time together on our anniversary!  Our plans were to simply head out for dinner, but on our way out of the restaurant parking lot we decided that since we missed putting Baby Bumpkin down for bed anyways, we should seize this opportunity to run an errand planned for the next day when we wouldn’t have free childcare!

Here is our haul!:

I have been making a list with plans to slowly gather supplies over the next few months for Arthur’s first birthday party!  Having settled on a Union Jack themed “High Tea” party the thrift store was surely going to be my best bet for some dishes and serving platters!  I also wanted to start gathering pieces to build Baby Bumpkin’s summer wardrobe, as this is the first time we will really need to fill in some gaps!

Hubby Bumpkin found these tea cups and saucers along with small plates for $15.99.  One cup was missing, so they knocked another 10% off!  My original plan was to buy mis-matched cups and possibly paint them, but this was actually cheaper, came with the saucers and plates, and requires no modification!  Hubby for the win!


In keeping with the tea party theme, I saw this set and thought it was absolutely gorgeous!  At $24.99, it cost more than I wanted to spend on “party decor” but Hubby Bumpkin again encouraged this purchase by reminding me, that we could always use it at other times too.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is something I really love about this set!  *If anyone has suggestions for the best way to clean this baby up, please comment below and help me out!


Lastly for his party, I picked up this cake stand with lid and tiered tray for $10 and $5,  I am considering spray painting the whole tray.  What do you think?


“Well that sounds like a great opportunity for you, but poor Hubby Bumpkin, he must hate thrift shopping!” you may be thinking.  Not true!  Not only does my man appreciate a good deal! (I love him for that!) He also is an avid reader and picks up a handful of books any time we go to the store!  These were between $2-$3 each.


One thing I am constantly keeping an eye out for is books for Arthur!  Most of you know that we already have a pretty extensive library for him, but the one area I will never feel the need to de clutter is our books!  I just don’t think you can have too many!  Next Christmas I plan to start a book advent calendar, instead of the typical chocolate, so I’ve been collecting holiday themed books early and am already half way to what I need! I picked up 3 more and a Winnie the Pooh book for Baby Bumpkin.  Just one more thing to represent the bear so closely related to his daddy’s unit!  The books were between $1-$3 and for every 3 books you buy, the 4th is free!


I was wanting a few items for a project I saw on Pinterest!  Basically I wanted to pick up some vases to spray paint and use for decor in our living room!   I, of course will blog that project, but for now, here is the starting product, for $3 or $4 each.


As many of you know I’m a Child Restraint Systems Technician (Car Seat Tech).  It pains me every time I go to a store and see unsafe, after market products for sale.  I just don’t have the budget, or space to store every single item I’d like to make inaccessible for the general public to buy, but when I find something I don’t own yet, that I could use in safety demonstrations, I like to pick it up!  Earlier that evening, I picked up a “bundle me” (bunting bag) that a mom was willing to give me for free as an example of unsafe products seen with car seats.  I was pretty excited to also find a head hugger for $2 at the thrift store, to add to my collection!


Finally, I picked up a couple of items to help build Arthur’s summer and next fall wardrobe!  This will be the first season that we will have to fill in a few gaps in his closet, and I was happy to get some good finds at lower prices!


The Sleep Sack he can use now, and probably will last through most of the summer, the sweater in front is handmade and will be perfect for next fall/winter.  I’m thinking of adding some brown patches to the elbows.  The sun suit/bathing suit was a good find and will last him until the end of the summer!  The shorts and buttoned shirt were just too cute to pass up, and the long sleeved onesie is from Joe and looks barely worn!  In total the clothes cost $19.

The grand total from our shopping extravaganza (45 min in total at the store) set us back $112!!!  I really think for what we walked away with we did pretty good!  As well we signed up for the stores “stamp” program and already have 1 card filled, which is worth 30% off our next purchase!

Hope you enjoyed this haul blog!  Leave a comment and let me know what you think was the best bang for my buck in this haul!


2 thoughts on “Thrifting Haul!

  1. Ooo, you got some really good finds! The tea set is beautiful. I like to pick up used books for Elliot when I can find them. You’ve got me intrigued to see what you make with the vases.

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