9 Month Baby Bumpkin Update

My sweet baby boy has had a bit of a rough time recently, but now that he’s been “earthside” for as long as he was growing in my belly I can’t talk enough about all the big changes he’s made this month!



9 months and still nursing!  Arthur continues to be breastfed on demand, and is really excelling at baby led weaning when it comes to eating solid foods.  I think it’s safe to say that banana is on top of his favourite foods list.  He can easily scarf down up to 2 bananas in a sitting, but usually I try to limit him to 1.  He also likes to snack on dry “whole Os” cereal. Otherwise he eats whatever meal we are eating.  Anything from stir fry to roasted chicken and veggies.  He loves to participate in family meals times together at the table. He does still occasionally gag on the food, but corrects the positioning in his mouth with no assistance at all!  He eats anything we do, but of course I try to only share the healthy foods.


Lately I’ve felt a really big aversion to food marketed to infants and toddlers.  Arthur has only ever had “real food” with the exception of the cereal, which is as healthier than the traditional GMO based cereal brand.  But I can’t help but feel irritated by the packaged foods we walk past on the shelves, full of salt and preservatives, nasty chemicals and GMOs (not to say some of our regular diet doesn’t already contain these things) all with pictures of smiling children, colourful shapes or licensed characters that I know I will come to despise when baby bumpkin learns to recognize them.   I feel so strongly about giving Baby Bumpkin the best start in life, and I feel the pressure from these companies to allow my baby to “enjoy” their products.  It obviously isn’t an issue now, but it causes me to dread the battles in a few years time when he starts requesting these foods, and noticing that his friends are eating.  I’m not sure how to handle these things especially given the state of the diet Hubby Bumpkin and I currently eat.  We are slowly working on changing our diet for the better as a family, and I feel we have no better reason than for Arthur’s sake!

The conversation has also come up in our home about whether or not we will introduce cows milk as a beverage for Arthur to drink after 1 year.  I know we still have some time to decide.  I do not drink milk, but we cook a lot with dairy and eat a variety of other milk products.  I’ve been doing a little bit of research on both sides of this matter, and would love to hear if you have experience transitioning to almond or coconut milk.  Also any studies related to this topic specifically to do with CANADIAN dairy would be much appreciated as anything I’ve found has been American based, and our milk is quite different from theirs.


I haven’t weighed Arthur at all this month, Like last time I will have him weighed this week and come back to update with those numbers soon!  I have not worried one bit about his weight this month, I’m learning to just trust that he is healthy just the way he is!



Well, lets start with the good.  Arthur had his longest ever stretch of sleep this month!  He slept for 8 consecutive hours!!!!! It was so wonderful.  Unfortunately he had been very very ill that whole day, and his stressed out mama woke up several times, concerned that he was sleeping so long.  So while I didn’t get much rest, I think it’s a good sign that Baby Bumpkin is capable of this kind of long stretch of sleep!

Over all, His sleep is generally improving.  He is fairly easy to put down at night, and stays asleep for one or two 2-3 hour stretches before I go to bed!  Through the night he can be up anywhere from 2-4 times, and has been spending the whole night in his crib!

All this was before this past week.  Being sick, and possibly some teething may contribute to an all out boycott to normal sleep patterns.  He has been refusing to nap, maybe getting in one 40 min. snooze during the whole day, and then fights going to sleep.  He wakes up frequently and has had a few nights of being wide awake and very cranky for 1-3 hours.  It’s been a rough week, but I’m hoping that he will get through this phase quickly and we can go back to the progress we’ve been seeing!



Although not technically a milestone that Drs are looking for, Arthur is now an official crawler!  It all started one fateful morning when I brought him out to our (unheated) living room, wearing nothing but a diaper.  The laminate flooring was still cold and the little naked seal pup (as he closely resembled in the early stages of his mobility) quickly figured out how to lift his torso off the floor and crawl on his knees.  Which quickly morphed into a wobbly downward dog pose!  Since then he has quickly mastered moving around by crawling.

After a good 8 and a half months, Baby Bumpkin has some teeth!  His bottom 2 teeth came in just a day or two from each other leading to one cranky little boy!  But they are here!  And yup, they are SHARP!  He has bitten me while nursing a small handful of times, and boy did that sting!  But as long as I’m more careful about making sure he has a good latch, things are great!  He must be working on some top teeth because he is just as cranky and wants to chew on stuff all the time!


Pulling up & cruising!  Arthur easily pulls himself up on the toy shelf, the couch,  the coffee table, the kitchen chairs, the stools at the island, his toys, his crib, my leg, the dishwasher, the bath tub (ugh. this is much less fun now)… you get the idea.  He has developed much better balance and although I don’t think he’ll be a particularly early walker, he’s happy as a clam to have this new found “heightened” mobility!


First stomach bug!  Not a milestone I was looking forward to, or one I’d care to revisit any time soon, but Arthur woke up one morning (in our bed..hehehe, lucky for me….) by throwing up at 6am, and proceeded to spend the next 8 hours repeating this every 10-30 minutes.  I was worried about dehydration, but the nurse I talked to at Health Links was really helpful in giving me advice and reassurance that he was going to be fine.  I’m not one of those parents that thinks it’s gross to vomit into a toilet. (I happen to really appreciate easy clean up when I am sick) but unfortunately predicting when your infant is about to be sick is damn near impossible!  So we made do with every single towel we own being put to use that day!  I even threw a load of towels through the wash to make sure we had enough!  Poor Baby Bumpkin would get sick (into a towel I would hold up last second) and then immediately try to rest his face in it.  He was tired and weak, and obviously felt incredibly unwell.  It was a draining day physically and emotionally on his mama, but luckily, he recovered from that sickness as quickly as it came on!



This has been a month of very limited baby wearing.  I tried a few more back carries with the wrap, but none got a good seat, and I found myself incredibly frustrated with it.  Other than that, there was one day in the store, when Arthur didn’t want to sit in the cart, so I used our “emergency pouch sling” that I keep in my diaper bag, for a hip carry while I finished buying groceries.   I think once the weather warms up a bit, and we spend more time out and about, in the city and summer street festivals we’ll go back to getting more use from the carriers!


No real change here either.  After his rash cleared up, we haven’t noticed any more problems with him wearing cloth diapers.  The diapers still need to be stripped (remember a couple months ago, when I said this needed to happen… yeah… here we are)  They are all still quite absorbent, but the smell is strong once they get wet!   So that is my project for today actually!


Although this month has had it’s rough patches, I have to say, there are countless days and moments where I just sit back, and let all the warm fuzzies wash over me!  I am so in love with this little human!  He is the greatest gift I’ve ever been given and it is not lost on me that not everyone who wants this experience can have it.  I feel so lucky and I never want to let that be taken for granted!


I can not wait to see what this month has in store for us!



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