Stay at Home Mum/Working Mum tag

I saw Meghan Alidoodles do this tag video on youtube (click her name for the link!) and really liked it and thought it could be a fun blog!


Cute baby picture to break up the text! 😀

These are my personal thoughts and opinions, and are not meant to offend anyone else!  I have the utmost respect for both mums who work outside of the home, as well as those who bust their ass at home!


General Questions:
Are you a Stay at home mom or a Working Mom?  I am a stay at home mum!  
What made you come to that decision? In 2012 we moved to a very economically depressed area for Hubby Bumpkin’s career.  I was unable to find work, and spent the year prior to having Baby Bumpkin really just setting up our first home and enjoying some time off!
Was your mom a stay at home mom or working mom? My mum worked at home, taking care of twin girls and was on call after hours for child and family services (She was a social worker), until I was school age, at which point she went back to work outside of the home full time.  She had the responsibility of being the main bread winner in our family, as my dad’s income wasn’t as high.  

How old are your children?Arthur is only 8 months old!
Are you part of any mom groups/play groups? I belong to the “online mommy community”, as well I attend a community based “group” for babies under 1 year old, once a month.  Unfortunately that is all our area provides, and I have been making attempts to host a playgroup at our house weekly, but it’s been tough to get going.

This part of the tag, doesn’t apply to me, but I left it in  here for anyone who would like to participate!
Working Mom Questions:
Do you work out of the home or in the home?
What is your job title?
What are your main responsibilities at your job?
When did you go back to work after having your children?
Did you go to school for this career?
How may hours do you work a week?
What do you do for childcare?
Has your job changed since having children?
What is one thing you love about being a working mom?
What is one thing you hate about being a working mom?

…and back to our regularly scheduled programming!
Stay At Home Mom Questions:
Did you always know you wanted to be a SAHM? Yes.  When Hubby Bumpkin and I were engaged we spoke often about how it was important for at least one parent to be home until our children were school age.  It took some planning and preparing, though to find a way to make that work financially. 
How long do you plan to stay at home? The plan has always been to stay home until our youngest child reaches full time school age.  While that seemed to be really exciting before we had kids, I likely wouldn’t turn down a good opportunity for part time, or ideally a .2 position locally once I’m done nursing!  I have been really craving “outside the house” time!

Did you go to school before becoming a stay at home mom? I took Early Childhood Education in college

If you worked before having children, do you miss it? What was your job/career before you became a mom?  I had 2 jobs prior to our move.  I owned and ran a Wedding and Event Planning company, which I really loved!  My business was only 2 years old and was growing steadily.  When we moved there was no market for that kind of business in our area, and I decided to close.  I miss that terribly, I felt important, people turned to me for answers and solutions and it was so much fun!  My other job was in childcare, I was a nanny.  I miss the families, and I enjoyed the work, but raising my own child is 10x better!  I not only get all the fun “playing with babies” stuff, but I also get to do things my way, which is what I constantly dreamed about while “parenting” other people’s kids!

What does your partner do for work? He works for the government in the law enforcement field.
Do you have a daily routine or just go with the flow day by day? We are searching for that magical middle ground!  We do go with the flow, always, because as a parent you just have to.  However, we follow a certain routine when possible in regards to how our day is broken up, and when Arthur naps.

Do you keep up with the house work or is it shared with your husband/partner? It is my responsibility to handle the home, and all that comes with that.  However while Hubby Bumpkin was on parental leave, and since going back to work after Baby Bumpkin’s been born, he has been great about sharing some of the tasks I struggle with completing!  (ie vacuuming…. I really hate vacuuming!)

Do you do anything on the side to earn extra money? If so what? Leading up to Christmas I took care of a little girl 2 months older than Arthur for 2 days a week, while her mom completed a student teaching practicum out here.  I don’t think I’d like to do childcare full time, ideally I’d love a legitimate job, that I can do from home via phone and email.  (ie customer service, clerical, billing etc)

What is one thing you love about being a SAHM mom? I love the bond I have with Arthur, I get to be there for all of his firsts, and I love that I don’t have anyone telling me what to do, or how to do it!  I’m very much suited for being my own boss!  I also LOVE the flexibility it provides my family.  Hubby Bumpkin’s days off fall on a cycle and not often does he get a traditional weekend Fri-Sunday.  It is nice to have family time if he is not working during the week. 

What is one thing you hate about being a SAHM mom?  Especially in our area, it’s very isolating.  i miss adult interaction, that just doesn’t happen regularly when you don’t get out of the house.  It can be mundane, and it’s up to me to be self motivated to stay on top of all the tasks I want to complete!  

If you made it this far I tag you to do this tag blog/vlog! 

Leave a comment below with a link to your own post if you decide to do this tag!


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