8 Month Baby Bumpkin Update

🙂  8 Months!  Holy Cow!



This has been an incredible month of growth and development!  Our little baby boy, has suddenly transformed into a busy boy motoring around and learning all kinds of new skills!

To be honest this month has felt longer than a lot of others, I think a combination of the holidays and being stuck indoors by some pretty crazy cold weather…Hello Mars?  Yes it’s the Country Bumpkins.  Can we come over to warm up???!!!  Has made things sloooooow right down!  And I’m not complaining, it’s been a fun month!



Enjoying his “green” smoothie!

Arthur is still nursing on demand, and oooo is he demanding! 🙂  My feelings of being “touched out” last month have pretty much completely passed, although I do sometimes crave more alone time!

We’ve continued to do Baby Led Weaning, and he is getting better and better at handling his food.  He continues to eat pretty much whatever we are having, and we couldn’t feel more at ease with how it’s going!


I actually haven’t weighed Arthur in some time.  We have a Dr.s appointment this week, and I plan to find out there what his weight is.  I don’t think there has been much change in his weight from last month.  I took him  to the Dr. right before Christmas for an eye infection he was 17lbs 15oz.  I’m feeling nervous for some reason this month about his weight.  But until I know the numbers I won’t be jumping to any conclusions.

*Updated after Dr. appointment.   18lbs 2oz and 26 1/2 inches long.

So sweet, even with an icky eye!

So sweet, even with an icky eye!



Praise Jesus!  We are seeing HUGE improvements in the sleep department!  We have discovered that the key to a good day in the sleep department is to wake Baby Bumpkin up between 7 and 8 each morning.  This means setting an alarm for myself, and getting him up and changed bright and early!  The upsides have been many!  Beautiful sunrises, is one.  Another is that He is ready for his first nap 2-3 hours later, and will have at the very least a second nap 3+ hours after that!!!  Most days he will go down for a 3rd nap as well!  Each nap is at least 40, with usually one being an hour or longer (which nap is longer can change on a daily basis!)

Night time has improved as well.  If we follow his routine.  Bath, fresh diaper, massage, fresh pyjamas, story, white noise, nurse and put down.  It’s hard to predict how long he will stay asleep.  Sometimes it’s only 40 min, and other times it can be almost 3 hours before he wakes up again!

All this is in his own room, in his crib.  At some point each night however, I find myself so exhausted and wind up brining him into bed with me to nurse the rest of the night (or so it seems).

I am so elated that we have started seeing change for the better!  I can’t say I’m all that more productive, but I’d like to think that one day I will be!


I swear to you this child has been teething for MONTHS, to no avail!  I am feeling/seeing more pronounced bumps under his gums, but no teeth as of yet have come through!


Arthur’s “army” crawl has continued and he quickly and easily makes his way room to room, and even out of our sunken living room!  He now is pulling up and standing with lots of support.  This is both exciting and terrifying as he lacks any sense of balance!



He’s also sitting up in the bath tub (on his own) which makes me so nervous (back to the balance issues!)


Now that Baby Bumpkin is sitting so well, shopping trips are a little more difficult.  he wants to go back and forth from sitting in the cart, to being held.  I have only worn him a small handful of times this month, mostly in our ring sling, and once in a pretty secure back carry in the woven wrap!  As he is getting older I see that we are wearing him less and less.  But I will continue to love and use may carriers whenever the opportunity comes up!



Arthur has continued to be in his cloth diapers 24/7 since our last update.  The only change is that he developed his first rash.  It was after our trip to the Big City, and honestly he was just sitting in a wet diaper for too long. 😦  I feel horrible, but it didn’t seem to bother him if I wasn’t trying to clean his bum.  I tried a few different things to try and clear it up, and I’m not sure if it was one specific method, or a combination (I was pretty inconsistent).

I tried coconut oil, using a zinc based cream (with a disposable diaper liner inside his cloth diaper) and baking soda baths to dry out the area.  Diaper free time was also on my list of “to dos” but with such a mobile baby, and a lot of rugs and carpet, isn’t the most stress free option!  In the end the rash has healed very nicely, quite quickly!

I feel like this month Arthur’s personality has been shining through.  He is much more pleasant, likely sleep related, and so much fun to play with!  He interacts more, and enjoys playing games!  I once again take a minute to be grateful for the wonderful little man that I’ve been blessed with!  He is more than I ever could have imagined!  What a sweet boy I have!



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