Creating a Functional and Welcoming Living Space

Since moving to our little slice of country paradise we have been struggling to arrange our living room in a way that fits both our needs, and feels homey and welcoming!

I’m the first to admit that home decor is not my strong suit.  Although I appreciate a well designed room, I sure as heck don’t know how to put one together!  Even the paint colours in almost every room of our house were picked on the advisement of my former employer!

We made a trip to Ikea on our most recent trip to The Big City and bought some shelving to store Arthur’s toys and our books, and I feel that with the addition of some curtains (yes, almost 2 years in this home, and we still don’t have curtains! Thank goodness for rural living privacy) and a few family photos I think this room will finally be what we have been waiting for!


Before, we had a large space between the couches and the chair by the window (that Hubby Bumpkin, enjoyed reading in using natural light).  Our living room is very long, and this created a gap between these two spaces.  Arthur’s toys were piled in a basket in the corner of the room (not pictured).  resulting in a big, overwhelming mess, and a lack of quality play space!  Our books were stored in the hutch from an old buffet that we currently use as an entertainment unit.


After we set up our new 4×4 EXPEDIT shelving unit, and moving the recliner, Arthur has his own designated play space, easily accessible storage for his toys and lots of natural light to play in!  We also moved the giant “floor pillow” to that side of the room, which makes the whole area just a little more cozy!   These shelves also work great for storing our own books and knick knacks, which I’m still experimenting with the final set up, of this decor!


This corner used to be where Baby Bumpkin’s toys were all stored, as well as a rickety old dvd shelf.  Now that his toys had their own designated space I wanted something that we could use that was a bit sturdier, as well as could be anchored to the wall for Arthur’s safety!  I originally was only going to buy this shelf and put it on it’s side for all of Baby Bumpkin’s toys, but when we decided on the bigger shelves, I knew this would be perfect for this space as well!  I also put this unit together myself, quite easily I might add!  I really love Ikea furniture, despite what anyone else may say about putting it together!

Sticking with the same EXPEDIT theme, I picked up (and put together) the 2×2 shelf in Arthur’s room!  I don’t have any toys in there right now, but I’m sure in a very short time, a few will get moved into there to take up this space!


Over all I am so thrilled to have things coming along in our home!  These types of projects usually cause me a lot of anxiety, but Ikea seems to give me that motivation to just get it done.  I could spend days and unlimited dollars in that store very easily!


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