New Year Goals!

2014 is all about staying “on the ball” for me!  I want to be organized with both my home and my schedule!  No more missed appointments or flaking out on plans because my house is “too messy”!  I decided to post my “resolutions” here, along with my current plan of attack.   I want to wake up each morning knowing what I need to accomplish that day, and actually do it! 

If you are reading this I hope you will check in and keep me accountable!  Ask how things are going with each goal and if I have changed my game plan since posting this!

I have ordered an Erin Condren Life Planner (I’ll be sure to post ALL about it once it arrives and I start using it!) to help me keep track of my goals and what I want to get done each day!

Here are my Goals for 2014:

->  Go Screen Free at least 1 day a week!  I have to give credit to Marie (Bitsandclips) for this one.  I will likely change the day week to week, as will work with our schedule, but will join in on “Hump in the Dark” (the rough draft name for going black on Wednesdays, that I am rather fond of)  when I can!   

To accomplish this, I plan to shut down, and pack away my computer on Tuesday nights when I’m going to bed.  I may even put away the tv and wii remotes, not that these get used terribly often, but I don’t want to replace one screen with another!  I will then plan out at least 1 “special” activity with Arthur (I will be scouring Pinterest for ideas ahead of time)  and maybe lay out a few books for times I may be tempted to switch on a screen!

-> Floss more!  I think this is a good goal for everyone!  I would also like to put in a better effort to brush 3 times a day.  Both of these will force me to break part way through each day and focus on something for myself!  (spoken like a true, and wildly overwhelmed mom)

I intend on writing reminders to myself in my EC Life Planner!  I also have a plethora of Dry erase markers and thought of making a check list right on my bathroom mirror for each day!  I always do really well when I have a box to check off, or a line to erase!

->Speak at least passable french by the end of 2014!  I have already purchased and started using Rosetta Stone French.  It was my birthday gift from Hubby Bumpkin and although I had time while he was still on parental leave, it’s been on the back burner lately.

I will arrange for an hour of “me time” while Taylor is home, either evening or morning a few times a week!  We can’t count on Arthur’s sleep time just yet, to give me a long enough break!  But, this way I can sneak away (likely to my closet) to parlez vous!

-> Make nutritious home cooked meals every day for at the very least 6 days a week (including left overs)

I intend on making a monthly meal plan!  (which I will happily share here)  I think that  I will focus on just putting a meal on the table each day first, and then worry more about health and nutrition second.  (I figure starting with home made food is probably a step in the right direction nutritionally anyways!)  I will be making my meal plan for the whole month, and then grocery shopping weekly to hopefully prevent too much waste!

->Get into a Routine!  This has to do with all kinds of planning, organization, Baby Bumpkin’s sleep and napping.  It also has to do with figuring out our filing system, and keeping on top of messes that pop up in the house.

I really need to work on this one for myself and my whole family.  Part of being overwhelmed as a new mom is the amount of mess created any given day!  I want to stay on top of creating an organized space, “never leave a room empty handed”, be conscious of the mess that I create and be proactive to prevent it!   This involves me spending a little more time each night cleaning so I wake up to a fresh house each morning!  I plan to use my EC Life planner all day every day!  I want it to become my motivator to complete tasks and

->Waste less, produce less waste!  Only buy, use, make what I will actually need.  Look for options with less packaging at the store, Recycle and compost whenever possible.

I will do this by being more conscious when shopping.  Also by keeping my compost and recycling bins close and easily accessible.  I also might post a note near our trash to remind myself and Hubby Bumpkin to asses if the garbage is really the best place for that item!


I have many, many other goals and ideas I could add to this list, but I think I’ll stop there.  I want to keep it short and focused (as focused as one can be on next to no sleep!).  I hope to be successful in these goals and I’m sure that the journey will have bumpy roads, but the end destination will be a really wonderful place for myself and my family to enjoy!

What are some of your resolutions or goals for this year?


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