Happy Holidays!

Ok, pretend with me for a moment that the timing of this post was completely intentional!  Happy Dec.27th!  I was “purposefully” waiting until today to wish your family a Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays!

Actually, now that I’ve thought about it, today would be a better day to post my holiday blog because now I hope you all have more time to sit back and read, and reminisce about the hopefully lovely time you’ve just spent with your family.


Also I’m excited to share with you some of our family’s memories of Baby Bumpkin’s first Christmas with us!

This year I ordered Christmas cards from Apple, using iPhoto.  They had a decent selection of holiday related cards, and I quickly and easily whipped these up mid. December.  They also shipped in record time (almost a full week earlier than the stated date to expect them!)

Arthur wore a special pair of new Christmas pyjamas!  That were given to him on Christmas Eve.  A tradition I want to continue every year!  My Mother in Law gives us each a new pair of jammies on Christmas morning, so I’m not sure I’ll buy a new pair for Hubby Bumpkin and myself, as we can count on receiving those, but I like the idea of each child wearing them to bed, and waking up Christmas morning to open presents in special holiday pyjamas!


This year I just wore some awesome pyjamas I already owned!  Admit it, you’re jealous!


Christmas morning was a fun time.  My mother in law, sister in law, and 2 year old nephew stayed over Christmas eve, so it was nice to include them in the traditions I grew up with, and the ones we want to start early with Arthur!  That includes opening stockings as soon as you wake up, and then eating a nice breakfast before sitting to open the rest of the presents together!


Baby led weaning during the holidays was so much fun!  Arthur loved to eat with the rest of us!

IMG_5349Arthur received his first toboggan under the tree from Hubby Bumpkin’s uncle.  We took him out today and he had a grand time being pulled around!  I swear I heard him yelling “mush mush”… but that could have been the wind.

Christmas morning with a 7 month old was much more exciting than I had anticipated.  I wasn’t expecting him to take any real interest in opening gifts or even watching others open their gifts, but Arthur was really into everything going on!

IMG_5360Playing with this gift from his Amma before it was even completely unwrapped!

He also received some special treasures from his daddy’s childhood!  Some knit goodies, including this toque and a matching sweater (not shown), and this hockey sweater made by Hubby Bumpkin’s great-grandmother!  As well as his Baby’s First Christmas bear!



We had a very magical Christmas.  Our whole family was blessed with many gifts, but more importantly with the time shared together with our families!    It really is the most wonderful time of the year!   I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  Let me know about some of your favourite traditions, new or old that your family participates in!



One thought on “Happy Holidays!

  1. I love your pj tradition and we might have to try that one out next year. 🙂 So cute! Elliot got the same toboggan but we haven’t had a chance to try it out in the snow. That Jets sweater is pretty awesome! A is so stinking cute! Merry Christmas!

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