7 Month Baby Bumpkin Update

Well here we are the day before Christmas eve, I have a million and two things on my to do list before tomorrow, and I decide that I need to get Baby Bumpkin’s 7 month update up today!

I am so amazed by him, every single day.  He grows and learns new things all the time and it just makes me sit back sometimes and wonder what kind of person he’s going to grow up to be.  I can already see little glimpses of his true, adult personality and it really warms my heart!  He is sweet, loving, and completely accepting of everyone!  At this age, that’s saying something!




Arthur still breast feeds every couple hours day and night.  It has been so special to have this nursing relationship with him and as time goes on I know more so than before that it’s important to me for him to self wean from it whenever he is ready.  That said, this month has been hard on me.  I think mostly due to my own lack of sleep, and a tired, sick baby I have been feeling “touched out” as some call it.  There have honestly been days that I dread nursing him, only because I selfishly want space, not being touched by anybody.  Thankfully that only lasted for a few days, and I did just nurse him through it.  Hubby Bumpkin offered to feed him bottles of pumped milk in that time, but I didn’t want to think too much that this was an option, because I feared I wouldn’t be able to get back into the rhythm of nursing him.

Baby Bumpkin has also been an absolute pro at eating solid foods.  We are doing baby led weaning, and I found this book from Amazon really helpful in learning what to expect and why I truly believe that a baby self feeding is best for their development, not just out of my own laziness (which has been accused of me) http://www.amazon.ca/Baby-Led-Weaning-Essential-Introducing-Foods-/dp/161519021X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1387813439&sr=8-1&keywords=baby+led+weaning


We’ve taken it slow in terms of how often he eats, but have really taken quite a cavalier approach to what he eats.  He’s had almost everything that we have eaten and any given meal may include several ingredients that he can feed to himself.  For example we had friends for lunch and served chicken/lettuce wraps.  On Arthur’s tray we served sliced tomato, shredded cheese, slices of chicken, and sweet potato fries.  He had a little of each thing, but decided he loved the fries (just cut and roasted sweet potato).  The only thing I’m watching currently is egg.  He developed a rash around his mouth, that I believe comes from teething, but it was after he ate some egg (yolk and white, for the 3rd time)  The recommendations here have recently been changed, and state that it is safe and actually better to introduce high allergen foods from 6 months on (eggs, peanut butter, shell fish etc).  There is no evidence that delaying these foods prevents allergies (actually the rates of allergies has tripled since the recommendation to delay was made), and the hope is it may actually prevent some allergies and intolerance.



I weighed Arthur at the beginning of Dec. and he was 17lbs and 2oz.  Still on the small side, but always moving up in numbers which I am happy to see!


Baby Bumpkin’s sleep has improved!  Not by a lot honestly, but by enough that I’m noticing a pretty big difference.  There was a week or two at the beginning of this month that he would only stay asleep for 40 minutes at a time at the very most.  Things lately have been better while at home, but still rough on the road.

I have discovered that white noise while helpful, only works if it is L.O.U.D!  I’m talking, so loud you have to really speak loudly to hear each other in the living room.  Arthur has had usually 1 good nap a day, and then sometimes a cat nap here or there.

The other day though he didn’t nap and the result was him crashing, on the floor, mid playing with daddy.



Over night recently Arthur has slept for 3-4 and even one 5 hour stretch in his crib!   It makes life so much easier when I have some alone time in the evening, or am able to sleep for longer than an hour at a time!

I’m really hoping that this is a turn around for him in the sleep department.  This mama really could use it!


Months and months of teething have still not produced any teeth for this poor boy!  He is getting so close, and I’m quite sure that at least 2 teeth will pop through at the same time, but he is really feeling it lately.  He isn’t wearing his amber necklace because it broke, when I was putting it on him one day (I move it from his neck to his ankle and back overnight)  I really believe it was working to help some of the pain, and I also feel now more than ever it is perfectly safe, as I experienced first hand how easily it would break and that the parts are in place to keep it from scattering everywhere.

I am really not one to administer medication that is not needed, so when I gave Arthur tylenol for the first time I did struggle with a little guilt.  That said, I could no longer watch my little boy suffering, and it did help soothe him.  Otherwise, lots of nursing and cuddles, Sophie the giraffe, frozen washcloths and distraction have been our methods of pain relief.

Arthur is on the move!  He doesn’t quite crawl on hands and knees, but he army crawls across a room in no time flat.  He sometimes resembles a seal the way he bobs up and down as he moves.  He also will get up on all 4s and rock back and forth aggressively.  It’s been known as infant twerking in our house.  Needless to say he is a pretty mobile baby!



I have once again fallen in love with our KoKaDi wrap conversion ring sling!  I have used it a few times in the past month and it just feels so comfy!  Arthur always snuggles right in when I wear him and he and I both love that bonding time.

Now that he’s sitting up, I will often just let him sit in the shopping cart at the grocery store.  This has drastically cut down how often I wear him out of the home, but has opened up a whole new world to him of reaching and touching and needing to be entertained.  I’m not sure I really like it.  But on quick trips it does save some hassle and I do love that!



I still have not done a second strip of our diapers and I feel that they need them pretty badly.  Once Baby Bumpkin pees in a diaper it smells completely awful!  That said we are still using them 24/7.

Warning: Ewww factor conversation ahead!!!

Now that Arthur is eating solid food I have had to find a way to deal with the result in his diapers.  After much googling I decided that I would start cheap, and work my way up.  The “cheap” option lasted roughly 2 weeks.

I used a spatula to scrape “solids” into the toilet. Because of the amount that he is still nursing, the addition of real foods in his diet has not turned anything into a “solid”!  The idea of “flicking” poop into anywhere is just not happening, so I used the spatula to scrape the diapers as clean as possible, before going into the pail.  After discovering how absolutely disgusting that part is, I went out and purchased the AMP diaper sprayer when I was in the Big City (where AMP is manufactured).  It came to roughly $52, and after having it less than a week, it has already been worth every penny to me!  The idea is the same, but for some reason, using the water to spray off a diaper is just much less nasty to me!  My next purchase in the diaper department will be one of those plastic splash guards, but we are getting by just fine without it.

I still use an equal combination of pockets and prefolds, over night I use a double stuffed Kawaii, and that seems to do the trick with almost no issues at all!



Arthur is currently feeling under the weather.  My poor boy has been waking up with crusty eyes and they stay goopy for the better part of each day.  He’s still my cuddle monkey, loving snuggles just as much as I do.  He is such a joy to be around, and I love him more than words could possibly express!


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