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Going into the Holiday season with my new little family makes me think a lot about my families traditions growing up and the ones that I want to start or continue on doing with Baby Bumpkin.    Here is my contribution the the tag made by the Bloggers Union, and be sure to check back as I’ll link other bloggers doing this tag at the bottom of this post!

1. What were your favourite/least favourite childhood holiday traditions?

My favourite traditions growing up involve going to the “Carols by Candlelight” service at my church on Christmas Eve.  My whole extended family would finish up dinner, then load up in our cars and drive into town.   It was just so fun, I love Christmas carols, and as a non singer it’s wonderful to have a crowd to drown out your voice! 

My least favourite tradition would probably be the big breakfast/brunch every Christmas morning (pancakes or waffles and all the expected sides).  We couldn’t open our presents until after we were all done eating.  Although we were allowed to open our stockings before anyone woke up, but the anticipation to open our bigger gifts was almost too much to bear!

2. What’s your favourite holiday tradition(s) that you’ve started as an adult in your own family?

This year we purchased a real tree from a farm.  In future years we may go out on the sleigh ride to cut it down ourselves, but because it was -37 with the wind, and Arthur is a baby we just purchased one of their pre cut trees. (Balsam Fir)  It’s perfect and smells amazing!  

We also plan to purchase an ornament for the tree each year for each of our kids.  These are traditions both Hubby Bumpkin and I grew up with, and now our tree is full of some really meaningful decorations!  

3. When do you put the tree up and start playing holiday music?

Never before November 12.  We wait until after that day to decorate, listen to music or purchase gifts (with the exception of some things bought well in advance)  out of respect for Canada’s veterans.  This year our tree when up the first week of December.  With a real tree I wanted to wait a little to make sure it lasts nice and fresh until at least new years!

4. What are you asking Santa to leave for you under the tree and in your stocking this year?

Santa is being quite frugal this year, so my expectations are very low.  I did for the first time, this year, make a wishlist, to keep track of the items I would like to own one day.  On that list is a popcorn air popper, some nursing/teething jewelry (for me to wear and Arthur to play, a dehydrator, a camera lens and a few books.  You know, hardly anything at all 😛 .  I will say that I’m really not expecting anything though.

5. What was your favourite holiday gift you received as a child?

I received a cell phone when I was 14 (what were my parents thinking?!) but I LOVED that!  I was one of the first kids I knew to get my own phone (this was before texting was a thing).  It made me feel so grown up!

6. How do you give back during the holidays?

I would like to treat each holiday budget as if we have one more child than we actually do.  Then using that extra money take Baby Bumpkin to the store to pick out toys to give to less fortunate children.  Growing up we always “adopted a family” and put together Christmas in a box for them, I like that idea too!  I think we’ll adapt our plan little by little to allow Arthur to be involved at an age appropriate level in giving back year round.  

7. What is your favorite holiday movie?

In this house the answer would be……Die Hard.   Although after watching Elf for the first time last year, I really liked that.  Also I love the cartoon version of The Grinch. 

8. Fill in the blank: “It wouldn’t be the holidays without _____.”

Snow!  I’ve never not had a white Christmas.  I do like it and feel that it’s such a bright spot to have a snowy Christmas, when the remaining 8 months of winter (sadly, I’m only kind of kidding) is so cold and depressing! I’m not one of those people who would travel somewhere warm for Christmas… however a few years ago I was on a plane to Vegas on Boxing Day… so it’s not that I don’t appreciate a good warmer vacation!  

There you have it folks!  If this is a TAG you’d like to participate in, please feel free to do so and link up in the comments below!  I hope you enjoyed!

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