6 Month Baby Bumpkin Update

I feel like we’ve hit a the first of many REALLY BIG milestones!  Baby Bumpkin turned 6months old on the 18th and man oh man has he been growing and developing like crazy!


First I want to apologize, I have unintentionally been neglecting my blog, and I have the best of intentions each month to jump back into writing.  I again will try my best this month, as I have several great ideas I want to share with you.  However I will leave you only with this update for now, as I feel these are the posts most important to me, that I want to get up as close to on time as possible!


This month has been a busy one.  Hubby Bumpkin returned to work, and Halloween and Remembrance Day were this month as well!



We did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We made it to the 6 month milestone exclusively on momma’s milk!  I am not only so proud of myself for sticking with it, but also with Arthur for being such a nursing champ!  We have had a relatively easy go of it, with only a few minor hiccups along the way, and for that I am eternally grateful!  For 6 whole months my baby was nourished by my body and the transition to solid foods, although exciting, will be really hard on me emotionally!  I plan to continue to nurse well past this point, and my next goal is to be breastfeeding at 1 year if that’s what he decides is best!


I weighed Arthur at a mommies group we attend last week.  He weighed 16lbs 10oz.  We have a Dr. appointment on Monday and we’ll see then if that was accurate, or if he’s made more progress!  I finally stopped stressing about his weight, when I realized that he was in the 86th percentile for height.  My mother was concerned that it wasn’t normal for a baby to be “out of proportion” but you all have made me feel more confident that he didn’t need anything more than breast milk in his diet until now!  I am so thankful that he has continued to grow at a normal pace for him!  He is just a long and lean little boy.  Just like his momma used to be and his Uncle currently is! (6’8″ and wind resistant!)

"This is SO unfair!"

“This is SO unfair!”


I feel like every month I have talked about his sleep getting worse.  The good news here is that nothing has changed.  It’s no worse, but also no better.  Arthur goes down between 7-8 on a “normal” night when we are home.  He will wake up anywhere between once and 4 times before I go to bed myself.  I’ve been trying putting Arthur in his crib for the first half of the night, and then bringing him into our bed when I go to bed.  This has been working well because I get the maximum amount of sleep, not waking up every hour+ through the night.  Baby Bumpkin just helps himself to nurse, and stays quite until around 730-8am!  Then it’s time to get up for the day!  I started caring for an 8mo little girl 2 days a week, who follows a strict napping schedule.  Following her lead, I put down Arthur at the same times (give or take the time used to get her to sleep) and he did it!  he had a day with 2 full naps!  He does seem to be craving that day time sleep a little more, and while we’re at home he naps irregularly, but for a decent 1hr-2+hr nap each day (on the road he will nap either in the car or in our arms)  I have accepted his night waking for what it is, and feel that bed sharing works well for our family.  I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite thing in the world, but it’s much better than going to him several times in a night.

I have been asked why we don’t sleep train him for a better night all around.  To put it simply, it is not a parenting method or tactic that fits in line with how we choose to parent.  I believe that even something as simple as being lonely or scared, are important needs to address day or night for my child.  I want him to develop a trust that I will respond to his cries and that I am there for him when he needs me.  I have been accused of letting him “train me”.  I am not trained or manipulated by my child.  He is an infant and I choose to respond to his needs because I am willing and able to.  It is MY choice.  I understand that some parents make different decisions, and honestly I envy their restful night of sleep. Really.  But for my family, I’m sacrificing my sleep now, because I believe it is what is best for my child now and down the road.



Still no teeth.  I feel bumps under his gums, but after sticking my finger (with permission) in the mouth of a friend’s daughter, who also doesn’t have any teeth popped through, I know there is a long while to go before Arthur’s teeth really surface, her’s were SHARP!

The day he turned 6 months Arthur went from never sitting up on his own, to sitting for long stretches, and correcting his balance when he started to wobble.

Arthur also is a master at rolling, and now inch worming his way across a room.  My non mobile baby is pretty capable of getting place to place on his own without crawling!


In the “mothers ring of neglect” The only way to guarantee he’s in the same place that I’ve left him!


I only use the Boba 3g for back carries now, and I find Baby Bumpkin really loves being on my back.  He hangs out while I get shopping or other tasks done, and I love having complete freedom of movement with my arms!  I have used the woven wrap for front carries mostly, and did practice using it for back carries while at home.  Unfortunately I need to do some more learning, as it wasn’t very comfortable this time.

I purposely started using our ring sling again, as it had been slightly neglected for a month or two.  I still love it just as much as before for front carries, but haven’t gone to the back carry with it yet.  Arthur is such a cuddle monkey and I just love it.  In or out of a carrier he holds on like he’s giving you a hug and snuggles his face into your neck.  It’s the sweetest thing, and he’s obviously so happy while in our carriers!


For the first time in months, Baby Bumpkin’s bum has been in a disposable diaper!  We were having dinner at a friends place, and I had remembered to pack a cover and snappi, but unfortunately forgot the prefold that goes under it.  They have 2 kids in diapers (1 full time, and 1 at nights) so I had a choice between size 1, 2, and 4.  Arthur had some size 1s when he was only a month old, so I was sure those would be too small.  Because that was so long ago size 2 sounded pretty tiny as well, so we went with a size 4.  I suspect it was too big, he never leaked, but was still dry when we got home to change him back into cloth.

I’m not one of those people that feels too strongly about avoiding “sposies” at all costs.  I absolutely prefer cloth for many many reasons, but in a pinch I’m really glad that our friends were able to help us out.  I’m keeping it in the back of my mind that he’s probably fitting a size 3 diaper now.

After washing diapers (with our soap of choice- Nellies) at my Mother in Law’s home, I noticed some more stink issues.  I think her dryer had lots of dryer sheet residue left behind, that our diapers may have picked up, but I haven’t gotten around to stripping them again.  I still don’t have issues with leaks, but the smell after he wets a diaper, or after a night is pretty strong.

Over all it has been a great month!  Arthur is more interactive, and I think he’s developing a little sense of humour!  He loves spending time with both mama and daddy!   I’ve noticed huge leaps in his growth and development, and as heartbreaking as it is, I am so MADLY in love with this boy that I can’t wait for each new day I can spend with him!


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