5 Month Baby Bumpkin Update

Our little man turned 5 months old yesterday!  He is becoming such an amusing little human, and we’ve really had a lot of fun this past month watching his personality and newly developed skills shine!


This month we also had the opportunity to take Arthur to the place that Hubby Bumpkin and I first met!  The summer camp and year round retreat facility where good friends of ours live and work!  They had a baby boy born the same day as Arthur!



Baby Bumpkin is, I’m very proud to say, still 100% breastfed!  Although I can see this little man watch us eat our food , and mimic the movements our mouths make, I’m in no rush to feed him solid foods, before he reaches several other milestones.  My plan is still to do Baby Lead Feeding, where we don’t feed him puree, but instead offer pieces of whole food (ie in spears or strips) that he can grasp and feed to himself.  So, until he is sitting up, and at least 6 months old it’s just boobie milk for my baby!


We had a Doctors appointment this month, and he weighed 15lbs 5oz, and just last week I weighed him on an infant scale at 15lbs 10oz.  Still moving in the right direction!  It’s hard when so many babies his age are growing at a faster rate, and out weigh him by 2-4+lbs, but I do have a lot of faith that my milk is giving him everything he needs, and that his growth is completely “normal” (whatever that is).  I just wish he would be more obviously healthy 🙂



Arthur’s sleep has not improved.  Although I have had a lot of sleepless nights while on the road traveling for thanksgiving and visiting friends.  Being at home has helped quite a bit.  We also purchased a bed rail, I feel we are now able to safely bed share, and it’s really the best way to get us all the most sleep!  I have become for lack of a better word, a buffet, open all night, but a bad sleep is better than no sleep!

Napping still is hit or miss, I can usually get an hour long nap once a day, either morning or afternoon but not both.   I find that he is easy to get to sleep, but won’t stay down for very long.  He just does so much better when he’s sleeping right next to mommy!


Baby Bumpkin still has no teeth, but I can feel sharp ridges just underneath his gums.  He is “leaking” drool at all times, and really chews on his toys, fingers, your fingers… really anything he can get into his mouth.

He is rolling easily front to back and back to front.  If I put him down on the floor he can wiggle and roll himself several feet from his starting point.  I sure hope this doesn’t mean crawling is just on the horizon.  My baby can’t be growing up so fast!

Arthur is quite the conversationalist these days.  His cooing has changed recently to squeaking and squealing when he’s happy and a deeper sounding yell or cry when he’s upset.  He is very interactive and just loves when we play with him!

Maybe not a real milestone but Arthur went swimming for the first time!  While visiting my parents we took Arthur to their local pool, and while he wasn’t really thrilled by the cold water, he did however like the fountain in the “bubbly” water area, and the waves (the pool has waves for 15 mins every 30 or so minutes).  Arthur’s favourite part for sure was the hot shower we took once we got out of the pool!



This month we started doing back carries, in both the Boba 3g and my woven wrap!  I can easily get Baby Bumpkin on my back either under my arm, or doing the superman fly, although both make Hubby Bumpkin really nervous!  I use the boba most when we are running out and doing errands, and the wrap for any time I need Arthur to cuddle and stay quiet!  (ie church)  Arthur and I still really love babywearing!  It has really been a life saver some days.  Making the decision to not purchase an infant car seat and instead baby wear all the time out of the car has never been regretted!  It works so well for our family!


Cloth diapering has continues to be easy sailing for us!  I did an RLR strip this month and it made a huge difference!  I still cycle through our pockets and prefolds equally.  It’s been so fun, and such a money saver!  I enjoy doing diaper laundry, and until We need to spray off the diapers, I feel it’s easier than going to the store, buying diapers, using them, throwing them out, leaving them sitting in a garbage bag until garbage day, then loading them in the truck, and driving to the dump to throw them away!  Right now I use them, put them in the diaper pail, take them downstairs and wash, and stuff/ put away!  I can’t encourage anyone enough if they are considering using cloth to just dive in and go for it, it’s been fantastic for us!


This month has been filled with a fussy teething baby, a smiling, giggling, ultra happy baby, and so much joy it’s impossible to put into words!  I feel completely biased, but my baby is stinking adorable, and I can’t soak up enough of the bliss I feel when I’m around him.  Being a mom can be hard work, but no matter how much sleep I’ve lost, how cranky he is, or how tough a day I have, I wouldn’t trade my little man for the world!


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