Car Seat Clinic

As some of you may have learned in my all things car seat post called “A Slipery Soap Box” a little while back, or in my more recent “50 Random Things” blog, I am a CRST or Child Restraint Systems Tech!  (See all the shameless plugging I just did there, that’s gotta be a record!)


I certified in April, and since have been helping out friends and family as much as possible!  I find it difficult to not speak up every time I see misuse, and with a provincial rate of 85% of car seats not being used correctly, I see a lot of misuse!  I have learned that not everyone wants my unsolicited advice!  I get it, as a new, first time mom, I don’t always appreciate what other’s opinions are about how I raise my little guy.  However I’ve made it a personal policy to be open and receptive to all advice, and take from that what I want and leave the rest politely alone!

This weekend I participated in my first Car Seat Clinic!  It was held at a fire hall, in the small city about 1 hour from our community, so I packed up the family, and they drove me in!  It was the first time I was going to leave Baby Bumpkin for more than a few minutes, (the only other times he’s been away from me were 2 quick trips to the store.)  I was very eager to get my hands on some seats, and try to help as many families as I could.  Generally speaking it’s the families that don’t come to these events that need it the most, but I was excited to be able to still help many that did show up!

The previous 3 clinics held in this city only brought in at most 3 cars in the 4 hours it ran, but this clinic was very successful!  We had a steady stream of traffic that lasted the whole time!  There were several expectant parents and families with multiple children, that needed a helping hand!  What I did notice is that while some families had unique challenges to overcome, many were making the same simple mistakes over and over again!

This gave me an idea as a blogger.  i’d like to dedicate 1 post/ month to sharing a single car seat safety tip, or topic!   There is so much information to know when it comes to your  car seats, and keeping your little ones safe, but unless you decide to go looking for that information it’s not something that is always common knowledge!  I hope to change that!  Let’s start a conversation about car seat safety!

The goal here is provide a no judgement, no guilt place to ask any car seat question you may have.

What is something you would like to see discussed in these types of posts?  What is something you didn’t know about car seats until recently, or until you spent more time researching the topic?


3 thoughts on “Car Seat Clinic

  1. So many people are uneducated on car seat safety. I happened to be one of them when I had Karson. I turned him forward facing at one and 22lbs like out state law is and the pediatrician had said to do so. I’m so thankful that we were never in an accident and thankful I know better now. I hope to keep Porter rear facing until 4!

  2. What a wonderful act of community service! I’d really like to see a post on dealing w extreme cold and keeping your baby safely warm in their car seat. We don’t have a garage and the snow and windchill is wicked in Iowa. I know only fleece is recommended, but I’d love to hear how you plan on keeping A warm this winter.

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