4 Month Baby Bumpkin Update

Arthur turns 4 months today!   I’m sure I say this every month but  where is the time going?  I am daily amazed and overwhelmed by my little man!  I’m so lucky to have him!

4 months


Baby Bumpkin is still eating only mama’s milk!  I am really proud to say we’ve made it to 4 months on exclusively breast milk!  I know that we are lucky to have had relatively no issues with our breastfeeding relationship,  but it’s always a lot of work being the only person who can feed the baby!  I do pump, with limited success, so we try to keep our freezer stash for special occasions!  For example, when my mom visits, she likes to get up with Arthur and give him a bottle, so Hubby Bumpkin and I can sleep for a full night.  And this weekend, and 1 evening at the end of this month, I plan on being away for a few hours, which will require a decent portion of my stash!


I weighed Arthur last week and he was 14lbs 9oz.  I was honestly expecting him to weigh a little more (15lbs +) but he isn’t losing weight, so I’m choosing not to stress about it.  We have an appointment with a new Dr. next week and so long as I see a little improvement I will feel better about it.


Ahhh Sleep.   We’ve hit our first real sleep issues, that require some trouble shooting, that I simply don’t have the heart or energy for right now!  Baby Bumpkin all out refuses to sleep alone!  Alone= in the pack n play within arms reach of mommy at all times in the night 😦  So, as a result Hubby Bumpkin has set up camp in our guest bedroom and Baby and Momma Bumpkin are bedsharing buddies at night.  The time he goes down is pretty inconsistent, and I would say it’s later than it had been.  He’s generally only waking once a night, but it’s much easier for me to feed him lying down rather than sitting up with him in the night.  I am able to doze while he eats!

We don’t have the greatest set up for bed sharing.  But because Arthur isn’t yet mobile, I can set it up safely with just me in our king sized bed with him.  I know this isn’t Hubby Bumpkin’s ideal, but I’m considering purchasing a bed rail, to use on my side of the bed to allow Hubby Bumpkin back into bed with us!  I think he’s hoping it’s just a phase, that will soon pass.  We shall see.

As for nap time.  I can usually count on at least 1 daily nap of 1hr or more.  When that nap happens is a complete surprise to me each and every day, but I do use that time to get some chores done whenever possible!  For his other naps, Arthur catnaps in either his bouncy chair, or sometimes on the floor where we’ve been playing.  He will also nap if he’s held, which for obvious reasons isn’t always ideal.  But I am keeping perspective that he’s only little for such a short period of time, and very soon won’t want to be held in my arms at all.  I do love his snuggles!

smiles at 4 mo


I think that we may be in the early stages of teething!  While his gums look just a little white in one spot, he is generally acting a little fussier than normal, and the drool.  Oh the drool!  I wonder how he’s not dehydrated!

Arthur is now a master at rolling to his back any time I put him on his tummy, but going the opposite way is proving to be a challenge!  He makes it all the way to his side, then just hangs out in the recovery position, before rolling back to his back!

tummy time

Baby Bumpkin reaches for, grabs, hold and brings toys to his mouth!  He also does the same thing to your hand, so if you’re not careful you’ll wind up with a fist full of baby slobber!


We still love babywearing!  Although I find we haven’t been out and about quite as much this month!

We picked up a new wrap, that I ordered off Etsy.  You can visit the shop here!  Arthur seems to really love it, and falls asleep almost every time I wear him in it!  It was very affordable, and the quality isn’t bad, although I do notice a couple of snagged threads, I don’t believe this is a safety concern though.  Now that we’ve had it almost a month, I have become pretty good at getting him wrapped rather quickly!

This was our first day with this wrap.  (Note: his knees really should be higher than his bum!)

This was our first day with this wrap. (Note: his knees really should be higher than his bum!)

We still use our other carriers very regularly, and I think Baby Bumpkin loves babywearing as much as I do!


We are still cloth diapering 100% of the time!  The only thing that’s changed this month is my return to using some prefolds!  For some reason I missed them 😛  So now I use prefolds in addition to his pocket diapers!   Some of his diapers do leak on occasion, and some, specifically the prefolds, have an ammonia smell when they get wet, but I have ordered some RLR and plan on stripping them soon, in hopes that resolves those issues!


Over all I’ve seen big changes in my baby boy this month!  He is no longer in the 4th Trimester and it’s been showing!  He is much more interactive, chatting up a storm.  One of my favourite moments this month was when Hubby Bumpkin and I were in the car.  Arthur had been fussing, but soothed him self quickly, he spent the rest of the car ride doing what sounded like singing, lots of coos and giggles!


One thought on “4 Month Baby Bumpkin Update

  1. We’ve been bedsharing as well from the beginning. Rylie refuses to be alone in her bassinet and we both get better sleep together. Granted, my hubby is deployed so for him it doesn’t matter. I think he too is hoping it won’t last very long and by the time he returns she’ll be in her crib. I say fat chance. LOL.

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