The Bumpkin That Could Parlez-vous

Having spent my whole life living in Canada I’ve always known people who are bilingual, speaking both English and French.


In fact, Hubby Bumpkin is fluently bilingual in our two official languages, and is currently teaching himself to speak German by using some books and CDs he purchased last year.  Knowing a second language has been incredibly beneficial for him.  Having a job with the Federal Government, he is paid more, and has more opportunities for placements and advancements without ever having stepped foot inside a post secondary institution.

He is the only person in his family to speak French.  He grew up through the French Immersion school system, where classes like Math and Gym were taught in French.  I attended a regular English school, and although I started French class in Grade 4, I stopped as soon as it was optional by Grade 9.  Looking back I’ve come to realize, my french teacher didn’t actually speak French herself!  I wish so badly that I had of been in French Immersion.  Where we live there were really so many opportunities I’ve missed because I only speak one language!  I’ve even experienced the drawbacks while traveling abroad.


It is very important to both Hubby Bumpkin and myself that Arthur speaks French.  I believe that the early years are best for language development and so our plan is to introduce French at the same time as English.  I anticipate, the little knowledge sponge that he is, he will pick up both languages pretty quickly.  While I currently read to him in English (well, that’s debatable…those Dr. Suess books are hard to read out loud!)  Hubby reads in French!  Baby Bumpkin sits quietly listening to both of us talk, quietly learning the rhythm of speech!

It won’t be long before Hubby Bumpkin and Baby Bumpkin will be able to communicate at a level that is beyond my comprehension, and I can only imagine the kind of trouble the two of them can get into.  So I’ve decided to do something about it!

As my “birthday gift” this year we ordered Rosetta Stone -French!  I tried the Demo available on their website (Under Try French)

It was a lot of fun, and I really did learn something from the lesson.  The program was not cheap, although I do see that it’s been discounted again, since we purchased it. (The company did refund the difference in price) And I am hoping to keep you updated with how I’m finding the program as I go along!  I am really excited to do what I’ve always wish I had done and learn a second language!

Do you speak more than 1 language?  Which ones?  If not which language would you like to learn?


One thought on “The Bumpkin That Could Parlez-vous

  1. I LOVE rosetta stone! Hoping to have French by the time the Spawn arrives. Took Spanish all through school (it’s what happens when you grow up in the Southern USA), but feel like I loose more and more as the years go on…

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