50 Random Things

Well here I go again, making a Vlogging Tag into an incredibly less exciting blog post!  🙂

Just so you can get to know me a little better, here are 50 random facts about me, let me know if any were surprising to you!

1.  I have green eyes

2. I am just under 5’10” tall

3. I have 2 little brothers.  I use the word little loosely, one is 6’5″, the other is pushing 6’8″!


4. I grew up in or just outside of a small city of 15,000 people

5.  I’ve traveled to all 10 Canadian Provinces

6.  My first ‘real’ job was as a Sandwich Artist at Subway when I was 15 years old

7. I had 2 dogs named after Spice GIrls

8. I got married when I was 18 years old

9. My all time favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls

10. I took Early Childhood Education in College

11. I love long trips in the car (all those trips coast to coast were by land!)

12.  I took Highland Dance Lessons when I was younger

13. I am related to a well known singer in Scotland

14. When I hang around people from the East Coast I tend to sound like them for a few days afterwards!

15. I once had blue streaks dyed in my hair, but it didn’t take so I covered them up with red.  That was by far the boldest thing I’ve ever done with my hair!

16. In the first 5 years of my marriage, I lived alone for 3 of them. 😦

17.  I am so afraid of being attacked by a Cougar! (the cat, not my MIL)


18. I can’t stand when people rub their feet together!  Worse than nails on a chalk board!

19.  I can not whistle

20. I know all the lyrics to at least 4 different national anthems.

21.  I absolutely love Hockey!

22. No matter how many times it’s been explained, I don’t understand the rules in football 😦

23. I was supposed to be named Kendra, but my mom changed her mind after meeting me!

24. I have been married for over 6 years

25. I met Hubby Bumpkin while working at a summer camp

26. I worked at that summer camp for 5 summers

27.  I am a certified Wedding Planner, and when we lived in the city I owned my own business!


28. I have worked at Wal-Mart, and a Jean store while in high school

29.  I am a Child Restraint Systems Technician (that’s Car Seat Tech in Canadian speak!)

30. I’ve nannied for 6 different families, the longest job lasting for 3.5 years!

31. I enjoy horseback riding.

32. I am obsessed with all things Royal Family, and love learning about the history of the British Monarchy!

33. When I was 7 I wanted my birthday party to be a surprise, and despite several people accidentally mentioning it, I was really surprised (And apparently not all that perceptive!)

34. Some of my Halloween Costumes growing up included a bunny, dragon, hippy, crayon, clown, a frozen ‘victim’ of the Titanic, and Mimi from the Drew Carrey Show..strange I know

35. I have always liked my steak to be never more than medium rare!

36. My first car was a 1983 Honda Civic named Sponge Bob

37.My current car is a 2008 Honda Civic named rHonda

38. I was once evacuated off the Paul Bunyan Plume Ride at the Mall of America because a lady had jumped out of her log before it was about to drop down the slide

paul bunyan ride

39. I am now 25 years old

40.  I was a lousy student, but I graduated highschool on time with 32 credits (28 were needed for the regular diploma)

41. Two of my favorite movies include Pretty Woman and Erin Brockovich

42. My favorite alcoholic drink is the caesar!


43. It’s easier for me to tell you it’s been over 2 years now since my last speeding ticket!

44. When I was little the smell of pizza cooking always made me nauseous

45. I am easily embarrassed, and almost never forget little embarrassing moments years later that I’m sure nobody else thinks about, but I obsess over!

46. I am a horrific speller.  If a word I write or type isn’t spelt wrong, I probably used spell check, or looked it up in a dictionary.  I’m not admitting to how many mistakes I made in this fact alone!

47. I got my first cell phone at 14

48.  We never had internet at home when I was growing up

49.  I love live music, and have been going to the same music festival every summer (with the exception of 2.. one i was in France, and this year, when Arthur was 5 weeks old) since I was 12 years old!

50. My favorite books growing up were Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie, Nancy Drew, and any book by Kit Pearson!

There you go!  Learn anything new?


6 thoughts on “50 Random Things

  1. Jumped off the water ride! That must have been a sight to see. My cousin once watched people being evacuated off a tall roller coaster at Darien Lake via a ladder because it got stuck at the top of a drop. Nice to meet you!

  2. I’m tall also I am about 5’10 1/2 🙂 I have the worse time find pants long enough. I was obsessed with the Spice Girls when I was younger my friends and I had dances choreographed to all of their songs and new the movie word for word

  3. I didn’t know you were a car seat tech (did I?)!? Tall girls must blog. I’m just shy of 5’10”- same as you and Rita. I was a big LHotPrairie fan as a kiddo, too. And my spelling stinks. I’d look a whole lot dumber if it wasn’t for web browsers that auto-spellcheck.

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