Attitude Adjustment

So I’ll give a better August goals update later on, but today I wanted to tell you about something I challenged myself with last month, and I am so glad that I did.  I needed a major attitude adjustment and I am relieved to say that I did it!

I’m sure you’ve heard so often about “1st world problems” or “rich people problems” well I had a big one a few months ago, and boy did it give me a change of perspective.  Our dishwasher was seemingly on the fritz.  Dishes were not getting thoroughly cleaned, and in my limited experience with kitchen appliance repairs, there was simply no hope!


My husband was so kind as to instruct me to “just wash them by hand” to which I had a full on, hard core hissy fit.  “Meeee?!  Wash dishes, by hand?!?!  How dare he suggest such a thing!”  As it turns out, cleaning the filter plus a good vinegar wash cycle did the trick, but I still knew something had to change.

Yes.  I think about that now and wonder what kind of pathetic, lazy, and super spoiled child would act that way.  And I fully admit I was serious.  The idea of washing dishes by hand was repulsing to me.  I had been playing a losing game of Tetris stacking pots, pans, and large cutting boards among our plates and cutlery since moving away from home.  Anything to avoid getting my hands wet!


To many of you who do not have a dishwasher in your home, I’m sure you are judging me, and I give you full authority to do so.  How dare someone who own’s a beautiful, relatively new, and in good working order dishwasher complain about having to scrub a few pots and pans.  I was disappointed in my own behaviour, so I decided to make a change.

I went 1 month Dishwasher Free!  Now I know a month is nothing in the big scheme of things, most people go their whole lives without one, but it was long enough for me to realize a few things:

1) Washing dishes by hand is not time-consuming!  In fact it’s often faster than loading and unloading the whole dishwasher several times (to fit ALL the dishes) in a day.

2)Washing dishes by hand isn’t as awful as I had made it out to be.  I can usually find something that is distracting (ie a playlist of Youtube Videos) that helps make the task fly by

3)The dishes always come out cleaner when washed by hand than they do from the dishwasher!


I did keep a few essentials on hand, including some pretty rubber gloves, to prevent ‘prune hands’ which I hate!  I picked up a couple of pairs from the dollar store, and I went through 2 pairs over the course of the month!



I use a bottle brush for Arthur’s bottle, my breast pump, AND our glasses!  I have a little drying rack, that sits on a large tea towel on my counter to dry the clean dishes.  It really doesn’t get much simpler than that!  I also love having my computer nearby with either youtube videos or music playing.


 I will from now on hand wash all pots, pans, cutting boards, and glasses/mugs.  Now that it is September, I have run 1 dishwasher cycle, and I found it to be the most frustrating thing!   It takes so long for us to fill up the washer with just plates, bowls and cutlery, so we actually ran out of forks and little plates before I ran the dishwasher.  When I did turn it on, it felt like it took forever.  I wasn’t impressed, after a month of hand washing, I felt like the dishwasher was more work than it’s worth.

So in conclusion, I think I will be much more inclined to wash everything by hand in the future!  With the exception of hosting company, or any other reason we may have a stock pile of dirty dishes, washing by hand is surprisingly easier!


Do you have a dishwasher?  Do you prefer washing by hand or do you, like me, loathe washing dishes?


One thought on “Attitude Adjustment

  1. We LOATHE washing dishes. We don’t have a dishwasher….. YET, but it shouldn’t be long now! Hopefully it won’t be a disappointment since we’ve got two kids dirtying dishes as well – and also old enough to help with some loading and unloading!

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