Since moving to our little slice of country paradise we haven’t had the opportunity to host many events.  In the Big City we regularly had friends and family over for meals, and small parties, and that is something I’ve missed living so far away from most of our friends!

Last weekend we invited Hubby Bumpkin’s co-workers over for a BBQ!  It was an all day thing, the people working evenings came for lunch, and those working days came for supper!


Like any good project, I started by making a big mess!  I have never made devilled eggs before, so I of course turned to the internet to help me out!  Shockingly simple.  I will absolutely be making these again.  I just added dijon mustard, and mayo to the egg yolks and mashed with a fork.  Then I piped it back into the egg whites, and sprinkled with paprika!



Our garden grew some monster zucchini this year (garden update will be coming… it was an interesting year!)  so I decided to bake some cupcakes!  I made a simple butter cream icing!  These were delicious!


An appetizer I found on Pinterest a while back that I’d tried with great success, were bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos!  Get ready for a PSA!!!

WEAR GLOVES!!!   In my haste to get the insides scooped out of the jalapenos before Baby Bumpkin woke from what turned out to be a ridiculously short nap, I went to work with my bare hands, and regretted it for hours afterwards!  My hands felt like they were on fire!  No matter how much I washed them, or what I put on them the burning was intense and wouldn’t go away!  I read every remedy online that I could find.  I slathered ketchup on my hands, I soaked them in vinegar, then baking soda water, I used lemon juice.  Nothing was helping!  About 6 hours later I was slicing limes for the bar, and found the juice took away the burn!  I still went to bed holding onto my “boobie” ice packs to help soothe my poor hands!  Oh the ingenuity of a breastfeeding mom!


Here they are before going in the oven.  I made 2 trays, and they were well worth the pain and suffering!  And every last one of them was gobbled up!


Fresh fruit just always looks so pretty to me!  Put it on a stick and it’s suddenly way more fun to eat!


We set everything up in the garage.  The food just barely fit on a 6 ft table!


We had burgers and smokies, plus all the toppings. Chips and dip, tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole, devilled eggs, bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos, a crunchy noodle oriental salad (with home made dressing!), pasta salad, cupcakes, and fruit kabobs with cream cheese and chocolate dips!  It was all delicious!

I also took some time to try and spruce up our garage with a little crafty decorations!


We fully stocked the bar, you know it’s a good day when you have to pull up the truck to the doors of the Liquor Commission to load up!  I even enjoyed my first “adult bevie” since being pregnant, I made some delicious spicy caesars!


Yup… this was a big selling point for Hubby Bumpkin when buying our house!  People in the country like to party in the garage!!!

Anyways I hope you enjoyed!


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