3 Month Baby Bumpkin Update

3 months

How is it even possible!  I am the mother of a 3 month old!  My little boy is growing so fast, I can’t even imagine how I’m going to cope when milestones like walking, talking and his first birthday roll around.  I’m already wallowing in the heartbreak that he doesn’t absolutely need me anymore!


At 10 weeks old we gave Arthur his first bottle of expressed milk.  I had been pumping for quite a while, I tend to only get a few oz at a time, never more than 4oz in a sitting but usually 1-2oz.  I had Hubby Bumpkin give him the bottle as I had heard from a friend that baby may not take the bottle well from mom as he knows I could offer it ‘on tap’!  What may have been true for her daughter wasn’t an issue for Arthur at all!  He took the bottle like it was no big deal, and he’d been doing it for months!

first bottle

We used the Dr. Brown’s glass bottles.  It has a neat little straw that vents the air out of the nipple.  I guess it’s supposed to reduce colic, but that hasn’t been a problem for us.  Baby Bumpkin now takes the bottle from either Hubby or myself once a week, just to keep it familiar, so far he doesn’t seem to care about the source, so long as he’s getting fed!  Otherwise he is still an excellent nursling!


A few days ago I had weighed Arthur on a recently calibrated infant scale at the mommy’s group we go to!  He weighed in at 13lbs 10oz in a clean diaper.  (I suspect roughly 2oz of that is the diaper)  His weight gain has slowed from the pound every week or two he had been gaining, but so long as the numbers keep moving up, I’m not worried at all!

Baby Bumpkin is wearing size 3month clothing, with some 3-6 mo stuff floating around in the mix depending on brand.  I prefer his clothes to be tight fitting vs. swimming in fabric.  He will be moving up in sizes very soon!


As a newborn, Baby Bumpkin slept much better than the most babies!  Now that he has turned 3 months old, I would say his sleep falls somewhere in the average category.  However it has improved slightly from what it was.  At night he very consistently falls asleep at 10:30 pm, with very few exceptions.  And will sleep until 3 or 4am.  He then feeds and goes right back to sleep until usually 7am.  I would say 1 out of every 4 nights he wakes up twice, maybe at 2, or 5am in addition to the 3 or 4am waking.  Arthur still sleeps beside our bed, and in the mornings (at 7), I bring him into bed with me and nursing him while I doze for another hour or so.

Arthur has started napping consistently as well!  He goes down after lunch for 2-3 hours without much hassle at all!  I usually feed him, swaddle him and put him down drowsy in the crib in his nursery and he silently drifts off to sleep on his own!    As for morning and evening naps, he’ll doze at random during these periods… usually on the floor or in his bouncy chair if we’re playing there!

He has spent 1 full and 2 partial nights in his crib as well!  The full night was a gift my mom gave us while visiting.  She got up with Arthur over night, and allowed Hubby Bumpkin and I an uninterupted night of sleep, it was so fantastic!  The only downside was that I had 2 rocks attached to my chest by morning.  It was a little uncomfortable to put it lightly!  The other nights he was put down for a late ‘evening nap’ that lasted until his first night feeding, at which point I brought him back into our room.  He seems to do perfectly fine sleeping on his own, and even though the door to his room is at most 3ft from the door to ours, it feels like miles, so for now I would like to keep him near us at night!




Arthur has been smiling lots, and occasionally thinks his dad is amusing enough to let out a giggle, but let me tell you we have to work for everything we get.  In general he is a very serious baby.  Content, but serious.

He also has rolled over from tummy to back a handful of times!

I have started posting videos to Youtube again, you can watch Arthur rocking these milestones here:



Baby wearing continues to go really well!  I find I switch between the Wrap Conversion Ring Sling and our Boba 3g pretty regularly depending on my mood, and what the situation calls for.  I have also ordered a new Woven Wrap from a WAHM shop on Etsy!  I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can practice some more wrap carries.  (The wrap we currently have isn’t as wide as most wovens are, and I could really use the width!)

I am holding off until Baby Bumpkin had slightly better head control before I start using back carries, but I am really looking forward to that!  It really would have come in handy when Arthur was refusing to nap on the 1 day I had to prep food for a BBQ we hosted over the weekend.


We are still cloth diapering 24/7!  We’ve recently made the transition to pocket diapers, with the occasional prefold and cover still in the mix.  I ordered 5 Kawaii Diapers, and 7 Lovely Pocket Diapers.  Both are “China made” brands, and I understand the controversy that comes with buying these diapers.  However the fit is perfect, and budget wise they are the best I could do right now.  I do not regret the decision to use them!  Speaking to the fit of the diapers, I have 1 Name Brand diaper that cost close to $25 that leaks every single time Baby Bumpkin wears it, and very rarely have we had any leaks with the “china mades” in our stash!


3 months in and being a mom is every bit as wonderful as I could have wished for.  I have such an amazing little man and I am so blessed!





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