2nd Hand Hauls

I enjoy a good deal, so it should come as no surprise that garage sales are a favorite place of mine to pick up some items on the cheap!

When I first moved away from home, my roommate and I furnished our first apartment with purchases from garage sales (and a little elbow grease re-upholstering a sectional found for $25)  It may not have been the nicest or most stylish furniture, but for a College student , it really saved me a lot of money!

This summer I’ve only been to a grand total of 2 garage sales.  Having a new baby really kills my motivation for digging through people’s junk to find a few gems!  But am I ever glad that we went to the sales we have!

We arrived at the 1st sale a week ago last Friday.  It had been moved inside due to some rain earlier in the day.  At first all I saw was a little table with some old toys and puzzles that looked like they had been very well loved.  Missing parts and pieces, left me feeling quite disappointed.  When I continued to look however I found a box with over 30 children’s books.  Many in such good condition that they still had their shine, and the spines, hadn’t been broken in!


When I started flipping through the box my excitement grew!  Each of these books HAD to be in Arthur’s library!  Hubby Bumpkin asked how many I wanted… I just said “Them all!”.  For $20 we took home all these books as well as a little food scale.  I would say that was a great haul!

Just this past Friday another garage sale was advertised on the local Facebook Buy/Sell group.  In the comments they included children’s clothing.  Their son is a little over a year older than Baby Bumpkin, so I was hopeful I would find some clothes and possibly a toy or two for Arthur.


I picked up these 25 items for $10! I was so thrilled most pants are 12 and 12-18 months size, and I was so happy to find some fleece clothing for wearing in his car seat this winter (safer than wearing any winter coat!)

The real find this summer I don’t yet have a picture of.  Hubby Bumpkin has this ‘thing’ with ugly picture frames.  When he sees one he just has to know what it’s framing.   For the first time in our marriage, this has paid off greatly!  He alerted me back to an area I had already looked through, pulling a large, ugly picture frame out from under some random books and movies.  In it was a vintage painting of Winnie the Pooh!  I am not a fan of Winnie the Pooh themed nurseries, but Winnie the Bear (the real life black bear, who inspired the children’s books) was the mascot of Hubby Bumpkin’s army unit, so including this picture in Arthur’s nursery is pretty special!

If anyone is interested, I can share a little history lesson of Winnie the Pooh in another post.  I am so excited to have found this treasure!  The best part…. we picked it up for $3!

Do you enjoy garage sales?  Have you made some awesome finds recently?


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