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I sure don’t feel like a “Supermom”… most days if I’m being honest, I’m “Just Scraping By Mom”  but none the less, I wanted to take part in this tag because I find it interesting to read what other mamas have to say about this topic, and I’m sure there may be 1 or 2 of you interested in what my day to day mommy life is like too!

1. How many kids do you have, what ages? 

I have 1 boy, Arthur, and he is 2 1/2 months old!

car seat

 2. Do you feel like you have it “all together” everyday?  Cleaning, Laundry, Beauty etc

Heck no!  Of the suggested topics it’s a good day if 1 gets done!  It is my priority to spend waking time with my little man.  Although I am working on a balance between focusing all my attention on him and keeping my home a place I am proud of, at this age he isn’t going to notice a pile of dirty dishes, or that mommy hasn’t put on make up!  So most days those things sit on the back burner.

3. When do you make time to shower?

Well, lately it’s been every couple of days.  I have always been a day time (morning) showerer, but with a baby it’s not always possible to do things on my regular schedule.  Hubby Bumpkin is on parental leave, so some days (usually if it’s raining, and he’s not busy clearing bush on our property) I can leave Baby Bumpkin with him and take a nice, long, relaxing shower!  I might even shave my legs!   Otherwise during the day Arthur sits in his bouncy chair in the bathroom while mommy races through shampooing, and maybe some conditioner if there are seconds to spare in the 5 minutes allotted to me before baby gets annoyed.

4. Do you wear make up everyday?

The quick answer is no.  The truth is though that I wear makeup much more often now, than I did before Arthur was born.  Since his birth we have had so many visitors just “pop in” that I have been making an effort to look somewhat put together.  My make up routine has changed to be much more mommy (time) friendly, but it does feel like a little mommy pampering to put on a touch of make up in the morning!

5.Do you Style your hair every day?

Again, the answer is no.  I actually style my hair much less often than I put on make up.  99% of the time my hair is up.  If I’m “styling” it I usually go with a quick side pony, and pin my bangs to the side.  On days that I’m just bumming around the house a messy bun, piled on the top of my head is how I roll!

6. When do you find the time to do you hair & makeup?  When kids are awake/asleep?

If I am putting on makeup, I do it in the morning.  Arthur is awake, and either spending time with Hubby Bumpkin, or on a blanket on the floor (I sit on the floor in front of a full length mirror)  with me.  I sometimes use this time just to talk with him, or sing songs with him.

7. Do you work out?  When?

I have just started working out on a daily basis.  I do it while Baby Bumpkin is awake.  I have been putting him in his bouncy chair, and letting him watch me jump about.  He really doesn’t seem to like it much.  I don’t blame him, I’m not liking anything about it either!  (I’ve been doing the 30 day shred).  Unfortunately it just isn’t going to happen if I wait for him to be asleep. as he doesn’t have a regular nap schedule, and I’m just too exhausted at the end of the night to even think about working out!

8. What is your household cleaning routine?

I have actually been getting better with this, thanks to a couple of extra long afternoon naps that Arthur has been kind enough to take, I have managed to really clean the main living spaces in our house!  Along the lines of the GABI challenge this month, I am working on just keeping every room in the same condition it was when I walked in, when I leave!  It’s actually easier than I thought.  The hardest part is getting my whole house into ‘perfect shape’ to begin with!  The area I struggle most with are the floors and dishes.  I don’t have any idea how people keep their floors clean!  I’m constantly sweeping, mopping and vacuuming trying to stay on top of this place!

9.  Do you ever get overwhelmed with all the responsibilities as a mom?

I really was blessed with an easy going little man.  He’s made being a mommy a complete joy and I haven’t struggled that much.  However I recognize that I’ve had so much help, and most new moms aren’t as lucky.  My husband is off work for up to 9 months (He’s planning on going back after 5 or so), and although he’s busy working on projects around our property, he is always an available set of hands in the morning after a rough night, or when I am trying to juggle 5 household tasks at once!  Being overwhelmed comes with the territory of motherhood, but in terms of coping, I am feeling great thanks in whole to the support system I have in place!

10. How often do you have alone/me time?  How do you relax?

Arthur goes to sleep for the night at 10:30 almost every night, You can really tell time by this kid!  I would love to sleep for his longest stretch (until 3am usually) but I find that I crave that alone time to just sit and watch mindless tv shows or surf the net!  I need to decompress especially because if he has a fussy period, the evenings are it!  So my own bedtime gets pushed back to 12 or 1am most nights.  I think I am going to focus on getting a little more sleep as part of my ‘relax’ time 😉


I will be linking this post up with Renae Launderlife’s blog, you can check out her post here!  If you would like to Blog or Vlog this tag please do and feel free to link it up in the comments below, or over on Renae’s blog as well!


One thought on “Supermom Tag

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I was nodding my head “yes” to all of number 10. A little Bravo TV and mindless internet surfing is just what the doctor ordered after an intense day of taking care of everyone else. An earlier bedtime for mama is on my list of to-dos, too. Fun post!

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