Weightloss Journey- Starting point!

I’m feeling pretty darn brave today, so I figured why not go ahead and post my starting point, in my post baby weight loss/fitness journey!   I started the Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred on August 1st, and now that it’s day 3 I am dreading it with every muscle in my body.  I will not give up though!

I took my weight and measurements on the 1st here is where we start:


Weight loss Star

Bust Arms Waist Hip Thigh Weight
41″ 13.5″ 36″ 46.5″ 28.5″ 194.6


I am focusing on eating healthy, whole foods, to me it’s really about making my calories count!  It is a good habit to get into and so I’ve been working at making as many meals and snacks from scratch as I can!   Working out is also a big factor, and so in addition to the Shred, I’m really focusing on being less sedentary the rest of my day as well!


I’d love to hear your goals for this month!  Are you on a weight loss journey as well?  Have you been successful at losing weight in the past?


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