August GABI Goals

This August marks GABI’s 1st birthday!!!  GABI, incase you didn’t know stands for Grin And Bear It!  It was originally a group started up by Marie (bitsandclips) and Veronica (Vloggingmama) to motivate each other to lose weight and get fit!  We did the 30 day shred, and added a bunch of other fun challenges.  After that time it continued with a focus on domestic duties and household management!   The group has shared successes, and growing opportunities, pregnancies, births and even a chick flick or two!  Now, 1 year later, I am turning to them again to kickstart my postpartum weight loss!  If you are interested you can join GABI yourself here!

Here is August’s “Official” challenge:

1) We have from now until August 1st to get our homes spick and span. Everyone participating can post pics of their starting off point on the 1st.
2) Each day we will end the day with the house no more messy than it was to start OR we will have to visit the GABI confessional. (Which just means tattling on yourself in one specific comment thread entitled GABI Confessional.)
3) At the end of the month we’ll see who was able to have the least confessions and they will all be patted and praised adoringly by the Gabikins.
4) As big messes accumulate (as they do in life) we’ll take Before and After pictures to stay accountable to keeping the order.
5) Any big projects planned for the month can be shared here as well (in word, pics or both) for bonus points on top of keeping a tidy home.

I also have my own personal goals for the month of August!  By sharing them with you I hope it keeps me accountable!  But first a cute pic of my kid to keep things interesting!



Health and Wellness:

-Wake up AND get out of bed by 9am

-Go to sleep before midnight (assuming Arthur is asleep at his “normal” time)

-Drink 1 smoothie/day for breakfast, bonus points if it contains a vegetable

-Drink 4 Contigo Bottles of water/day (96oz)

-Faithfully do the 30 day shred + one other work out/week (ie a long walk, yoga video, zumba etc)

-Meal Plan, healthy meals!


-Pump breast milk at least once per day, build that freezer stash!

-File and order Arthur’s photos

-Start Arthur’s baby book

-Be BOLD!-Schedule a weekly play date with a “local”

-Turn off the computer between 12pm -7pm Mon-Fri


-Stay on top of messes, swish and swipe before leaving a room

-Declutter challenge- remove 5 items per day that can either be sold/thrown away

-Remove maternity clothing and replace with regular clothes that fit well.  Only clothing that fits well can stay!

-Pack up the clothing that Arthur no longer fits into storage bins

-Organize and stay on top of the house! Utilize that family management binder!

What are some of your Goals for the month of August?  Anyone else trying to lose some weight?  Let’s keep each other motivated!


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