Wrap Conversion Ring Sling -Paxbaby.com and KoKaDi review

As promised here is the first in my Baby Wearing series, a review about my KoKaDi Wrap Conversion Ring Sling and Paxbaby.com, where I bought it!

Ring SlingI was on the fence about whether or not to purchase a ring sling.  At first glance I though they seemed very limiting, especially compared to a woven wrap, which has so many options for wearing.  Boy was I wrong.  Here is a video by PaxBabyMom on youtube showing just a few easy carries using a ring sling:

First a little back story:  When I decided to look further into a ring sling to purchase for Baby Bumpkin, I spoke to a good friend of mine, who has plenty of experience.  Her baby girl is just 11 months older than Arthur, and she has tried plenty of carriers.  I really trusted her opinion.  In her experience investing a little more money off the hop was well worth it, for the quality and comfort of the sling you get!  She had me convinced, but with a price tag of $150, it was going to take some work to convince Hubby Bumpkin.  We opted not to buy an infant car seat, and with the money we saved, not making that purchase, I felt we could afford to buy a really top quality carrier!

We don’t do ‘gifts’ but as a joke I asked if the sling could be my “push present” and he agreed!  I ordered the sling from http://www.paxbaby.com Friday morning May 17th, just an hour or two before my labour started!  When we arrived home from the hospital on Monday, I had Hubby Bumpkin run to the States to check our PO Box there, and sure enough, my new Wrap Conversion Ring Sling (wcrs) was waiting for me!

KoKaDi:  My first impressions were really positive!  The design of the fabric makes me smile every time I see it.  I didn’t think it was the prettiest, but I just could not pass up a WCRS with cats on it!  Kitty Bumpkin appreciates that!  It felt very nice, all the stitching was even, and there were no visible flaws.  It felt safe and secure, very well made!  The fabric was heavy, but not hot, and I’ve enjoyed wearing it even in very warm weather.

There was a learning curve to using the sling.  Just like with any new carrier I put it on incorrect the first few times, it took some practice to get the rings where they were comfortable while he was in it.  But by the end of our first week of baby wearing, we were old pros!

2 weeks old.

2 weeks old.

After a little help from Paxbaby.com and Youtube we got it sorted out and haven’t had any issues since! *the top photo isn’t the greatest demonstration of how to wear your baby in this sling, for the purpose of this blog I had Hubby Bumpkin take these photos and unfortunately Baby Bumpkin was over playing “Mommy’s little model” so we’ll take what we can get!*

I think this is Arthur’s favorite of all our carriers.  As a newborn, right up until he was about 2 months, he would sit tucked up, froggy legged inside the wcrs.  It was very cozy and I’m sure safe and secure feeling to him, similar to the womb.  Now that we are venturing into the world of “legs out” he’s still loving this one the best.

Compared to our Soft Structured Carrier, the ring sling takes a little more time and effort to get ready and go, but why I like it better than a simple woven wrap is the ability to “prep” it prior to arriving at your destination.  I can thread the rings, and have it tightened to the point that I just slip it on, pop baby in and off we go!

This particular WCRS has a nice long tail.  If I find it too long I just tuck it back into the rings to hold it off the ground (handy for grocery shopping, when I spend a lot of time bending and reaching).

This carrier is in my personal top 2 favorites, and is by far the most comfortable for me.  I get many compliments on how comfortable we both look while wearing it.  It has also come in very handy as an impromptu nursing cover while at the mall one day (although due to it’s heavy fabric, compared to the cover we normally use, I wouldn’t use it like that all the time).


As a first time customer I had pretty basic expectations from this company.  My friend suggested I look on their website for a wcrs, and I really liked how clearly marked everything was.  The site was easy to navigate.  I spent a lot of time browsing through the store, but my favorite features are all the help and advice found through the links to Youtube Channel and Blog!  I have learned so much from this site.  Not only that, but when I ordered the WCRS I had no idea that it would be shipped so fast!  I was very impressed by that!  I haven’t had any issues or problems with the product I ordered, but I feel confident that if I did, they would stand behind it, and try to find a solution to any problem, they provide many ways to get in touch, so that is quite convenient!  I would recommend ordering from this company to anyone in the market for an amazing baby carrier, and even if you can’t afford to buy one right now, or you don’t have your mind made up yet, take the time to use this as a resource!  You won’t regret it!

Over all this is an excellent carrier.  Arthur and I are both big fans of the KoKaDi Wrap Conversion Ring Sling, and have no regrets in making this purchase!  I look forward to using this sling for a long time, and with future babies as well!


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