What Should I Wear Today??

Since before Arthur was born I have been interested in the practice of “Baby Wearing”, holding your baby in a carrier strapped to your body.  I had done some research on the benefits of baby staying close to their mama, especially during the first 3 months of life, but also long afterwards as well, and I felt like this was something I wanted to enjoy with my little Bumpkin!

There was a whole world opened up to me in my research and to be honest it was quite overwhelming to know which carrier(s) would work best for us.  I found lots of info about what types of carriers are great for babies and mommy (and daddy’s) development and comfort and had a general idea of what not to buy, that still left plenty of options to choose from!

Over the next little while I will share a more in depth review of each carrier I own, and how it’s working (or not working) for us!  Today is just a quick peek into our “stash”!

The Boba 3g


The KoKaDi wrap conversion ring slingRing SlingThe Seven pouch sling

pouch sling

And a homemade “gauzy” woven wrap


Some of these photos speak for themselves, but I will share my thoughts and opinions on how I like each carrier, and the function it serves for us, as well as Arthur’s opinion… at least what I can gather from his demeanour in each carrier!  I’m looking forward to this little ‘series’ and I hope that it may be helpful if you were curious about trying some different carriers yourself!


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