Mr. Sun Bleach & Our Diapering Set Up!

Time for another cloth diaper update!!!

So since I last talked about cloth diapers we started using cloth over night!  It really wasn’t a hard transition, I simply removed the garbage bin, and replaced it with a medium sized wet bag in our bedroom and each night grab a couple diapers to change him into throughout the night.  (lately he’s been sleeping in a 6 hour stretch followed by another couple hours, so usually I only need 1 before getting up for the morning!)

I had heard that the sun is good at getting out stains from diapers, but I wouldn’t have ever believed how amazing it could be.  Just take a look at what a couple hours in the sun can do!

sunned diapers

The stains were even worse on other diapers, and have completely disappeared on every single one!  Amazing what a little sun bleaching can do!

I also get a kick out of watching my prefold diapers wave in the wind, to think, only 2 years ago I probably would have thought “Man those are some ugly tea towels”.  I have come a long way in my journey to being a mom!

I also wanted to share a little about how we’ve set up a cloth diapering station in Baby Bumpkin’s nursery.  I do all of his day time diaper changes in there, and it’s working out great for us!

changing set up

Everything is within arms reach, which is perfect, so I never have to take a hand off Arthur while he’s on the dresser!  I think my favorite feature here, is that I fold my cloth wipes in such a way that they “pop” out of the wipes container just like a disposable wipe would!  I put enough for a day inside and soak them with just water.  This has worked well, and he doesn’t seem to mind the cold wipes at all.

Drawer organization

Inside our diaper drawer are all of our clean covers and dry wipes.  I also have a small stash of about 6 pocket diapers.   My plan is for Arthur to wear these more and more in time, but for now he wears them overnight, or sometimes just for fun during the day!  I also have some disposable liners, that I purchased before Baby Bumpkin was here, and have yet to use.

We are still loving our cloth routine, and we’ve taken him for several weekend trips and managed to stay in cloth the whole time each time!  We’re planning a weekend at the lake at the end of the month, and I look forward to using cloth then too!

Using cloth was something I hoped I would enjoy, but I don’t think I knew how much I would love using and even washing them!  My favorite load of laundry by far to do!

Do you use cloth?  If not what were some of your apprehensions about it?  If so what is your favorite part?


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