Bumpkins Green Thumb

Our vegetable garden this year is thriving!  This is thanks in whole to Hubby Bumpkin’s dedication to watering and tending to the plants!  In addition to planting our garden with his mother, while I cared for a newborn, he has watered it almost daily and while I only get out roughly once a week to pull weeds, they seem to be growing in at a slower pace, as if *someone* else were also contributing to the weeding effort!  I sure love that man to pieces!


This year with the addition of the second garden bed, I have no idea where we put all our veggies last year!  We seem to have run out of space once again, and I wouldn’t be shocked if a third bed is added next year!  Although they look small, especially in our large yard you can fit quite a lot into such a small space because you aren’t required to leave room between plants to walk!


After our garden was put in we got another frost (in JUNE!) and lost a lot of plants.  We had to replace our tomatoes, and these flowers we thought were dead, seem to have made a revival, and I’m glad they did as they add a little pop of colour next to our veggies!  The peas are growing quickly and look like some are almost ready for harvesting!


Our beans decided to grow out instead of up this year, so they are crowding the pepper plants you can see poking out of their leaves.  I might have to guide the beans through the fence to get them growing the proper direction, but so far everything is looking great!


The lettuce and spinach have both been cut and regrown at least once this year already, and I am loving eating from our garden already.  We go out and grab fresh lettuce for salads, and it’s even more fun now that I have my early birthday present.  We picked up a salad spinner at Costco for about $20 that I am so glad to have!  It makes drying washed leafy veggies much quicker and easier!


Once again our pumpkins have taken over!  Last year I planted sugar pie pumpkins, that were a nice small size.  This year I actually have no idea what variety has been planted, so I won’t be surprised if our pumpkins are much larger!

We also have plenty of cucumber, onions and garlic growing!  It is going to be a great summer, and I can’t wait to eat more  fresh from our garden!


This year we also planted some flowers for the first time!  After moving in last year, we had lots of people going in and out of the crawl space under our living room, so planting in the flower bed here didn’t make much sense.  This year I dug out some space for flower pots, now if someone needs into the crawl space, we can just pull out a pot or two!  Yeah, I know… Genius!

Hubby Bumpkin also built me a beautiful flower bed where there had previously been dead and ugly shrubs.  He spent a few days digging out roots that were several inches thick at some points, but it’s well worth it for a pretty place to plant lilies, and my favorite, Bleeding Hearts!


I hope to update you on our garden at least once more before the weather turns cold!  Every year we seems to have some successes and some failures, but it’s always worth it for the learning experience alone!


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