Diaper Pail Review

Disclaimer:  **The following product I purchased with my own money, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I receive no compensation for writing this blog!**

Today I wanted to review the Ubbi Diaper pail and cloth liner that we’ve been using for the past 7 weeks!


I purchased this diaper pail at a high end infant and children’s store in The Big City right before Baby Bumpkin was born.  I liked the assortment of colours including the bright orange (pictured above) as that matched best with Arthur’s nursery!   This pail is on the pricey side at $79.95 but with 11 colours to choose from, will be able to coordinate with any room.

It’s powder coated steel bin means that it doesn’t absorb odours like plastic does, and this bin works with most regular kitchen garbage bags (should you choose to use disposable diapers) saving you money on expensive specialty diaper disposal bags.  If using cloth diapers Ubbi sells separately a cloth pail liner (specific review below) but will also work with any pail liner or wet bag!

Other features of this pail include rubber seals, locking in leaks and smells, as well as a child lock!

ubbi pail lid

As you can see above the lid lifts to replace the bag or liner, but during day to day use has an opening with a sliding cover that seals to lock in odours.  I like the sliding opening, it’s easy to use one handed, however on my pail the opening isn’t quite as large as I would have liked.  I have no problem putting cloth diapers through the hole, but it can sometimes be a tight squeeze.  I like the shape, design and colour of this pail a lot, and am over all very happy with my purchase.  I do however wish the bin were a little larger, I feel that it fills up with my cloth diapers just before I’m ready to wash them, we are currently going 3-4 days between washes, and it doesn’t get really full until sometime on day 4!

I often forget to close the sliding lid because Arthur isn’t big enough for me to need to just yet, and with the cloth diapers there is no stink whatsoever.  If I keep the lid closed, I still don’t notice much odour, but if we were using disposables, I think I’d want that lid closed all the time.

Ubbi Cloth Diaper Pail Liner 

pail liner

Because of our decision to use cloth diapers, I also purchased the Ubbi Cloth Pail Liner for $14.99.  The white bag has a waterproof inner layer, and a drawstring closure.  The bag fits well in the diaper pail and makes diaper laundry day a breeze, as I simply open the bin, pull the drawstring closed tight, and carry the bag downstairs to the wash, I dump out the soiled diapers right into the machine, and toss the bag in with them!

The instructions on this bag say “Machine Wash, Tumble Dry” I was expecting this bag to hold up to my regular diaper wash routine (cold rinse, hot wash, cold rinse and tumble dry on low heat or line dry)  The second time I washed this bag I was really disappointed to see that the inner waterproof layer was cracked, melted, and peeling away.  After only 2 uses I couldn’t use the product anymore.

I contacted the company and received  a very apologetic response, as well as the promise to ship out a new pail liner immediately. They claimed that they received a faulty batch and that my wash routine was perfectly acceptable for these bags.  I don’t know how much I believe the ‘faulty batch’ story, however I was blown away when THE NEXT DAY a new pail liner was delivered to our door!  Because of our location, even couriered mail is delayed at least a little while!  The effort put forth by the Ubbi company was very respectable and I appreciated it so much I was open to giving them another chance!

I have since been using the new pail liner with no problems, and would recommend this company, even after my own issues, as they clearly stand behind their products, making customers happy, and making things right if something fails!

Over all I am very happy with both of these products, but would honestly recommend if you are interested in purchasing the Ubbi Diaper Pail, to use your own wet bags or pail liners, as most will fit without any problems and will save you a buck or two!


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