June Favorites!

I’d like to start regularly featuring some of my favorite things each month, as these are often the types of blogs and vlogs I enjoy reading and watching the most.  Every month I’ll share with you a few items as well as tv shows, music, and possibly even bloggers/vloggers that I’m enjoying!  Some will be mommy related and I’m bound to throw in a few baby items as well!  The rest are just things that I’m using day to day that have made me happy!

For the month of June, we spent a lot of time just adjusting to life as a family of 3, and I adjusted to life as the mommy of a newborn! I think this month’s favorites reflect that!

1. Bamboobies Breast Pads!  bamboobies

These heart shaped breast pads are, you guessed it, made from bamboo and are incredibly soft and comfortable!  While pregnant I had seen these reviewed multiple times, always with high praise and recommendations, so I decided to purchase a small stash for myself.  I love them!  I just throw mine in our regular wash and dry cycle, and they are good to go!  I really love the overnight breast pads as well, and wish I had of picked up a few more pair! They do a good job standing up to excessive leaking! 2 pair will cost you $16.99 from their website, but keep your eyes out for a seconds sale, where I purchased my whole stash for half price!    http://buybamboobies.com/

2. Ipod Touch


Although this may not be the newest, or coolest gadget out there, and most of you will have your fancy dancy Iphone to compare, but for this cell-less gal, my Ipod has come in handy at all hours of the day and night since Baby Bumpkin was born! From games to social media, to apps for everything like recording Arthur’s feedings and diaper changes and listening to music that soothes him to sleep, I would be lost without it!  I have a much older model but one of these puppies costs you roughly $299 from http://www.apple.com

3. Contigo Water Bottles

water bottle

I have a couple of these water bottles and they are a fantastic way to make sure I’m drinking enough water all day long!  They are durable, and have taken a beating from me,  I actually did break the clip off one while in labour (You can read about that in my L&D story Here).  I like that I can fill up my water bottle and it can be anywhere, in the car, in the yard, on the bed or couch!  It doesn’t spill or leak, which is great because my bedside table has been replaced by a pack n play with no good place for a glass of water!  I wake up thirsty for his overnight feeding(s) and it’s so lovely to have a nice bottle of water right there!  It also hooks onto the straps on my horribly over packed diaper bag, so I can take it with me, without having to save enough space for it!

I bought mine at Costco in a pack of 3 for $35-$40

4. Benefit Erase Paste

erase paste

My favorite make up product last month was my under eye concealer!  As a new mom nothing made me feel as self-conscious as the dark circles underneath my eyes!  This really did the trick in making me look more alert and less like a sleep deprived, overwhelmed, haggard momma!  Don’t let the small size and big price intimidate you, this stuff is magic in a tiny little pot, and it lasts forever!

$32 at Sephoras

Favorite Blog/Youtube of the Month:


In June I spent a lot of time skimming through blogs because I didn’t have tons of extra time to read many of them.  But I always took the time to read through the Pleated Jeans blog.  I often find myself laughing uncontrollably, and calling for Hubby Bumpkin to come read over my shoulder because I know he’d enjoy it too!  Very well put together, and lots of content if you are in the mood for a giggle!

Favorite TV show or Movie of the Month:

Without cable or satellite, we rely on the internet and Netflix for television and movies .  In June, I got into the show Parenthood for the first time, on the American Netflix!  I have loved Lauren Graham as Lorelei Gilmore for so many years I wasn’t sure I could switch to a new show and a new character that I would love just as much, but I did and I do!

I also started watching the latest season of Master Chef online.  I am not as into other cooking reality shows…come on people, food you can see but not taste!?!, but this one I find really entertaining, I enjoy the mixed personalities of all the judges, and how relatable the contestants are!


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