6 Week Baby Bumpkin Update

Baby Bumpkin officially turned 6 weeks over the weekend, and I am still in complete disbelief/denial that time is passing by so quickly! While it is sad to see him put those newborn days behind him I am more and more looking forward to what the future has to bring!

6 weeks


We have seen our midwife weekly or biweekly since he was born, mostly just for weight checks and breast feeding support, although based on the former, they haven’t really been necessary. At birth Arthur weighed 8lbs 8oz, when we left the hospital he was 7lbs 12oz. At his 2 week check up he was back to his birth weight, and at 3 weeks weighed 9lbs 9oz. He’s continued from there weighing 10lbs 8oz at 5 weeks and now at 6 weeks gained yet another pound in 7 days. He currently is weighing in at 11lbs 9oz!!!


Since leaving the hospital he has had 2 nights of frequent waking otherwise his norm has been a nice 4 hour stretch followed by another 2-3 hours! Generally from midnight-4am!  He hasn’t been super smiley yet but we have gotten a few grins that didnt seem to be gas related! Baby Bumpkin still sleeps in his pack n play tucked up nice and close to my bed! We’ve spent 1 or 2 nights with him sleeping on my chest, but our bed is far too soft for safe bed sharing, so that just doesn’t work for our family. I like the set up we currently have and don’t have any plans or intentions of changing it in the near future at least!


Arthur has been a good nurser right from the get go!  Although he never ate much in the hospital, he did latch well right off the hop!  Since getting home, he has only nursed every 3-4 hours over night and every 2-4 during the day!  Despite his random and sporadic feedings, my supply has if nothing else been extremely abundant!  This has actually caused a little difficulty and for Baby Bumpkin to develop a lazy latch habit.  I often re latch him at least once during a feeding because he pulls back and ends up sucking on just my nipple, which is quite uncomfortable.

I have been very comfortable nursing him wherever we are when he gets hungry.  Including in the extremely conservative and very religious small City where I buy our Canadian groceries!  I do use a cover (yes even covered feedings are controversial there!)  because that is how I feel most comfortable, especially while latching, and relatching.  Hubby Bumpkin although vocal about his feelings on public nursing, has grown to be quite the supporter of breastfeeding wherever we might be, it is the free and convenient option after all!

I have been pumping each morning for the past few days for the freezer, but have yet to introduce a bottle to Arthur.  I wanted to wait until at least 6 weeks to introduce a soother, which we have done (around 5.5 weeks) but I’m still in no rush to get him on a bottle.  It may come back to bite me later, but I’m willing to accept that vs, risk any kind of problems nursing him.

Baby wearing

I have really enjoyed ‘wearing’ Arthur since he was only a few days old.  I have a small collection of carriers, including the Boba 3g, A Kokadi Ring sling (It has cats on it, I’m not gonna lie, that’s why I picked it!), a gauze wrap, and a pouch sling.

I will do a much more in depth post on baby wearing and how it’s working for us, but in the meantime, I will just say that I’m using 2 of our carriers 99% of the time, and I’ve learned lots along the way.

A cashier at Target recently informed me that it was a bad idea to wear my baby because he’ll get used to it now, and I won’t want to do it when he’s bigger and heavier.  I was taken aback because I have never had a negative comment on baby wearing given to me before.  Most people seem to be wildly supportive, or enthusiastically curious about how and why I’ve strapped my baby to my chest.  I took her comments with a grain of salt as my 5 week old (at the time) and myself are quite happy with our baby wearing arrangement!


At 6 weeks we’ve been cloth diapering for about 5 weeks total now, and have recently moved into the world of over night cloth, as well as the world of pocket diapers!  Arthur had his first red bum, I wouldn’t call it a rash, but it didn’t seem very pleasant, so we gave him lots of naked time (I got my hands on some of those hospital soaker pads to catch messes that I just throw in the wash with diaper laundry!) and it seems to have cleared itself up!  We mainly use coconut oil on his bum, and I also have some Bum Bum Balm, and Yum Bum Butter that were given as gifts that I really like.

Over night diapering hasn’t been too bad, we haven’t had any major leaks, while using prefolds and the Thirsties Duo Wrap covers.  I do want to start using the pocket diapers at night though, just for ease and to cut time in our late night changes.

I have started putting Baby Bumpkin in pocket diapers during the day, when leaks wouldn’t really matter.  I can tell already that some fit a little better than others, but they all are pretty cute.  I have a very small stash of pockets (less than 1 day’s worth) so we are mainly in prefolds and covers!  I love it, I really do!

Overall the past 6 weeks have far exceeded my expectations!  I really feel like I’ve been blessed with an amazing baby, and trust me, that isn’t lost on me!  I am eternally grateful to be a mommy and to have this wonderful little man to hold in my arms!  As much as it still stings when I see the box I’ve been adding his newborn clothes to, to pack away, I am really excited for him to continue growing and developing!

I plan on making more little update blogs as Arthur gets older, please let me know in the comments if there is anything else specific to him you’d like me to update you on!


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