Diaper Bag First Impressions!

Alrighty ladies, grab hold of  your bloomers!  It’s time for my first impressions and review of the oh-so-incredibly-coveted-by-me Storksak Olivia Diaper Bag!!!   And to grab your attention before I start blabbering on about other stuff for a minute, here is a picture:  All together now,  “oooo, awwwe”


Here is a little back story, for any of those ‘newbies’ who may not have read any posts from earlier in my pregnancy, or aren’t friendly with me on Facebook.. (and again, I ask… why wouldn’t you be?..go ahead click above in the “in touch” section):

I hate baby stuff.  Putting Elmo on anything does not make it cute, it makes it annoying and red!  Primary colours make me want to gag, and if it lights up or makes noise I want to chuck it out of a moving vehicle after dousing it in gasoline and lighting it on fire!  Ok, that may have been true for the first 25-30 weeks of my pregnancy, since then, I see the gasoline as creating a really big mess, and the fumes might give me a headache, so now we can skip that part. 🙂

When it came to finding a diaper bag, I wanted something functional. It should work better than a simple purse for lugging around all those infant ‘essentials’, as well as something that was stylish, easy to clean and keep clean, as well as was well made and sturdy!  A pretty impossible task I thought.  No matter where I looked everything I saw screamed “Diaper Bag… Baby’s Diaper Bag” There was even some tongue sticking out and “na na na na na na” ing.  It was quite traumatic.

That is, until the heavens opened up, and a beautiful ray of light shone down and there is was, in front of my eyes, this video by Megan from Megandleila, the fabulous Youtube Channel found here! (My little rave about Megan:  She is so smart and wonderful and awesome!  If you don’t watch her videos you really, really should!  I have learned so much about toxic free living, and she is incredibly open to helping out when you have a question about certain products, or where to search for more information on so many things that can be very overwhelming!  I really really value her and her YT channel!  Well duh, I’m kind of like a creepy, copy-cat, fan girl!  The diaper bag, the chevron skirt.. it goes on, I’m sure ❤ )

When I saw this bag I knew it was exactly what I was looking for!  There was just a slight problem.  The bag was super spendy, at $200!  I rarely spend more than $10 on a purse or pair of shoes, I couldn’t fathom spending that on something because it ‘looked pretty’.  But I was reminded that in the big picture of all the baby expenses we have saved on by buying used, accepting hand me downs, using cloth diapers, and hopefully exclusively breastfeeding, I could budget accordingly and splurge on something that was important to me!  For Christmas, my Mother in Law gave me a Visa gift card, and that, saved with a few other monetary gifts and a little savings, we were really none the poorer!

On our Baby Moon trip to Minneapolis, I sought out Nordstrom because I knew that they carried this bag, and I wanted to compare colours in person.  Unfortunately after a long day of shopping, I was so disappointed to find they didn’t carry any in store, at the MOA location.  Combined with a disappointing trip to Babies R Us, there may have been some tears on the way back to our hotel… but I won’t tell you if they were mine or Hubby Bumpkin’s!

All was not lost though because my own Momma gave me the great idea to check out sites like Ebay, to see if anyone was selling and sure enough there was 1 bag available, new with tags, for $50 less than in the store!  Did I mention it shipped in 3 days!  Saving money is so lovely!  Ok… now for my first impressions:


As seen above the bag I bought was in the champagne colour.  I had thought about possibly getting the green, or grey colours instead, but when only one bag was available on Ebay it made the decision making process much easier!  I am very happy with the colour.  Over all the bag looks well made, with no visible flaws and the fabric wipes clean very easily.


As a first time mom to be, I’m positive that the contents of this bag will grow and change as I learn what works for our little family!  Included in the bag right now are cloth wipes, 3 Snappis, 2 wet bags, 4 prefolds, 2 covers, 4 disposable diapers, the change pad that came with the bag, the little change purse thing-a-ma-jig (that’s the technical term), 2 extra large receiving blankets(3ft sq) and a muslin swaddling blanket!


When filled there is still plenty of room to add a plethora of items!  Things I already know I will be adding to this bag include a water bottle, or sealed travel mug with coffee for me, a small thing of disposable wipes, wipe solution for the cloth wipes and at least one change of clothes (more than likely 2) for Baby Bumpkin.

I love that this bag has so many large and extra large pockets!  There is really a great place for everything, and so far there are still 6 pockets that I am not using.  I’m sure that’ll change soon enough though.  I’m not intending on many outings without baby, so this bag will double as my purse, I hope to keep my wallet, keys and other ‘purse essentials’ in the Thing-a-ma-jig!


I really like the large front pocket that unzips on both sides!  Right now I keep the 3 blankets in there!

Over all I am so impressed.  Hubby Bumpkin in true guy fashion can not for the life of him figure out what makes this bag so special, but there are few things that I would find more concerning than his understanding on this topic!  In just a few short days of owning this bag (bringing it across customs from our American post office box, and having company notice it sitting on Baby Bumpkin’s dresser) I have received multiple compliments on it.  I love the way it looks, how it feels, the bag itself is fairly lightweight, and the size and placement of pockets is very nice!

I can’t wait to put this bag to the true test of day to day use when Baby Bumpkin arrives.  This is one of those things that to me really isn’t all about baby… Mama’s gotta be looking good too!

3 thoughts on “Diaper Bag First Impressions!

  1. Love it!!! Very very cute! A few necesities in my newborn diaper bag were nursing cover, lanolin, breastpads and bum cream 😀 Just thought I would put that out there!! Great bag choice! Does it have stroller clips?

    • Good call! I will add those things for sure! It didn’t come with any clips, but I imagine that I can easily make use of one of the multiple carabiner clips we have laying around if need be!

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