Digging In The Dirt

We are FINALLY getting some decent weather in these parts and I could not be more excited about it!  There is a billboard on the way to the closest city (where I have most of my midwife appointments) that since mid March said something about getting ready for BBQ season, and to pick up your meats at a local butcher’s shop.  On my most recent trip up there, the wording was changed to “Ok….NOW it’s time to get ready to BBQ”  As amusing as this is, it was kind of sad!

With the Leafs out of contention for The Cup, I’m convinced it is now OFFICIALLY spring!  So long suckers!  Sorry my inner Habs fan is just dealing with my grief with some smack talk.

So last year was the year of firsts!  We bought our first house, I planted my first garden and we are expecting our first baby!  While this year will have a whole new set of firsts, and probably much more significant ones, lets all lift our glasses (of virgin cocktails of course) to my second year of growing some of our own food.

DSC07671Last year’s garden was filled with lots of learning opportunities, and a decent harvest for the two of us to eat!  This year I’m much more motivated to take what I learned and expand on it!

Starting with starting a few seeds earlier indoors!  Now I still got around to this on the late side, so a trip to a green house to buy a few more mature plants may be in order, but I’m hopeful that this will pay off.

IMG_1499It is recommended here to put plants in the ground outdoors on or near May long weekend!  Well Monday the 20th is Victoria Day here in Canada… Tuesday May 21st is Baby Bumpkin’s estimated due date!  I think it would be wildly appropriate for him to be born on Victoria Day, for reasons that I might go into, should that ever happen, but on the good chance he’s still not here, gardening sounds like as good a way as any to induce labour!

IMG_1494This year we are also expanding our operations in size!  The garden on the left was built and used last year, the one on the right, Hubby Bumpkin built this past weekend!  I am so proud of all he has accomplished!  Now we just need some good dirt (note how sandy the ground is between them…. that’s what is under all our grass!)  from a local farmer, and we’ll be good to go!

I’ve talked about the composter system I’ve found on Pinterest and Hubby Bumpkin thankfully agreed!  That will probably go somewhere near the metal shed, or along the side (where the black garbage bin a.k.a. our current compost bin is).

I plan on growing Beans, Peas, Carrots, Spinach, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Watermelon (this was a fail last year, we’ll see if I can make some changes this time!) Strawberries, Pumpkin, Cucumbers and I’m starting a crop of Asparagus.  I also have some plans for growing a few flowers and would like to find some rhubarb plants to add to my growing plans as well!   I will also be picking up some pepper plants at the green house for planting later, as they didn’t grow great for me last year from seeds.

If you have any tips for my garden this year please feel free to comment, or message me!  I am really looking forward to getting dirty this summer, and raising Baby Bumpkin to enjoy digging in the dirt!

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