Feeding A New Mama

Ever have one of those moments where you sit back, thinking about something someone just did for you and say “Man I sure know how to pick some amazing friends!”?

I absolutely can not say that enough especially after the wonderful gift one of my dear friends gave to me this weekend.  We have lived in our home for a total of 13 months and 11 days (on Saturday) and one of my best friends, Diana, hadn’t been out to visit…. not that I was counting or anything.  There were actually several times when she was supposed to come visit and for reasons outside either of our control it just never worked out, for the last year we spent a lot of time together whenever I made trips the the Big City.  I can say it was such a gift having her come out and spend a couple days in my ‘neck of the woods’.

We spent the better part of Saturday making meals that I could freeze and keep for after Baby Bumpkin was born!  She was such a huge help and it has been such a relief to get those done and in the freezer!  It is a true sign of friendship to have someone offer to chop vegetables for close to an hour straight!


We made a big mess, but got so much prepped!



So much cooking required a lot of standing by the stove.  All 4 burners and the oven itself was running almost non stop!  With my sciatic nerve really bothering me, I decided to find a way to make things more comfortable!

IMG_1473This is really not my best angle, but I thought I’d share anyways, so you get a glimpse, of how I’m accommodating my lazy body over the last few weeks of pregnancy!

We made a great variety of recipes!  Two Lasagna, two Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casseroles, two Chicken Mushroom and Broccoli Alfredo Casseroles, Breakfast Burritos (these were SO EASY to make and looked and smelled delicious!), Chicken Enchiladas, Stuffed Pasta Shells, Lasagna Roll ups, and a few other smaller portioned meals.


I can’t believe everything we got accomplished!  In the future I would skip the lasagna roll ups.  I really don’t see them as possibly being worth the effort it takes to make them, especially when I can put most of the ingredients into a regular lasagna dish, but I am excited to give them a try one night!


I’m not sure which I appreciated more, the help prepping and cooking all that food, or the fact that Diana did all of my dishes!  We successfully used every last pot, pan and mixing bowl that I own in the process and that mountain of mess was a pretty overwhelming sight!

My freezer is now stacked to the top, and I can say that there is a huge weight lifted for after baby arrives! One less thing to think about with a newborn is going to really mean the world to us as we navigate the realm of new parenthood!  Thanks again D!

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