38 Weeks Update

Well hello there, remember me, the blogger who makes all kinds of false promises?  I’m back!!!  “Fo Realz” this time!  See what I just did there, I tried to be so cool that you wouldn’t even remember how disappointing it is that I haven’t been keeping up to date with this!

I have had the best of intentions, but it really just comes down to me not having a crap ton of energy these days!  My body is so spent after just short, small tasks that the last thing I feel like doing is coming up with something brilliant or funny to say.  Often I just stare at Hubby Bumpkin across the room willing him to carry me to bed… and not in some hot, romantic way either… I really just want him to hoist me over his shoulder walk down the hallway, and toss me into bed, covering me however I lie.  Anything would be better than having to walk there myself, spend 20 minutes adjusting with pillows only to finally find that sweet spot of comfort (or at the very least lack of discomfort) and BAM!  Time for my first pee break of the night!  But alas… I think it’s safe to say I officially weigh more than he does, and although he’s my hero, I have lower expectations for Superman!


All miserable ranting aside, things have been going well in terms of preparing for Baby Bumpkin!  Nesting has been an on and off thing, so I try my best to take advantage of the ‘on’s.  The other night I had Hubby Bumpkin remove the tray from our freezer so I could scrub out the bottom.  He simply stood back, smiled, sighed loudly and said “Ahhhh, this is nesting.”  I can only imagine how I looked with my belly propped up on the edge of the freezer, but I couldn’t resist the urge to clean!

I’m now only a few craft projects away from completing Baby’s nursery, and I’ll be making a whole separate post about some of those!

My midwife appointment on Tuesday went well.  Baby of course reacted with some ‘ttude when being measured, kicking back hard, as they felt out his position!  Still head down, nice and low!  I asked out of curiosity how big my midwife guessed he may be.  Her answer was that “well, he won’t be a little 6lb baby”.. but then went on to reassure me that mothers usually grow babies proportionate to their bodies!  I was not that worried about his size in anyway.  It was just total curiosity!  My belly measured 38cm, and his heart rate was 132 (nice and consistent!).

I plan on spending time this weekend making freezer meals in preparation for post baby days that cooking is just NOT going to happen, and I’m looking forward to spending time with one of my best friends, who was kind enough to offer to help!

Thank goodness for great friends!  I hope you all have a really wonderful weekend!  See you back here.. that’s right. RIGHT here, on Monday!


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