Week 36 Pregnancy Update + Name Clue

Growing a new human sure has a way of sucking the energy out of you!  I am right back at my first trimester all day sleepiness and boy do I sure know how to take advantage!

I’ve been having at least one nap every day, but I really think it’s just making up for the sometimes 5-6 trips to use the potty overnight!  Physically, my body is getting ready for Baby Bumpkin to make his arrival.  It feels like my hips are being continually pulled apart, and my back is constantly aching.  But all in all I’m perfectly content on just leaving the little man right where he is for a few weeks longer!

Baby is doing well, at my appointment last Wed. he was head down, nice and low (as he has been at my last several appointments).  his heart rate was roughly 132 which again is pretty consistant, my belly measured 37cm and over all everyone is happy with how he’s growing.  I did the GSB test and should find out my results at the appointment tomorrow!  Fingers crossed for a negative result, but if the worst part of a positive is requiring an IV during labour, I can live with that too.   Here is my 36 week belly shot!  I realize that the ‘months’ and weeks got kind of confusing in these pictures, but technically based on a 4 week month, pregnancy lasts 10 months, but only 9 according to the calendar. In hindsight I would have labeled these in weeks, but now for continuity’s sake… you get to deal with a little confusion!

9 Months

I happen to really love this photo and the top I’m wearing in it, but had someone on my personal Facebook make a comment about horizontal stripes, that was pretty rude.  Let’s just say if you want to piss off a pregnant lady, comment on her size/appearance and see how well that goes for you!  Some people, I tell you!

The Nursery is coming along nicely, I still have a few more projects on the go, but otherwise things are almost done!  My parents visited this weekend and helped me so much by making a couple freezer meals, completing some spring cleaning, and setting up the baby furniture including the pack n play (without any instructions- it has a newborn sleeper which made this quite complicated)  Now that these things are done I’m feeling much more prepared for baby!!!

In the next few weeks, and really there are only a few, I am hoping that I can get things completely in order and focus on some relax time before he decides to show up!

Just for giggles, here is a “selfie” I took of myself at 35 weeks pregnant!  Ignore the nasty , dirty mirror (it’s where I do my make up and it gets it fair amount of smudges)  These pajamas are pretty fantastic for lazing around the house, and always put a smile on my face!



Baby Bumpkin’s name comes with 2 typically used nicknames.  Of course I’m sure we’ll come up with a cutesy name on our own, just because that’s how I roll!

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