Ikea Haul

When I was in the Big City this week I made my maiden voyage to the new Ikea that has opened there.   It actually opened back before Christmas, but between the crowds and being so busy it just wasn’t something that happened until now!  I’ve been to Ikea in a few other cities before, but getting to shop with the understanding we’ll likely be back soon and not having to plan logistics for getting everything home, sure made things easier!

I picked up a few things for the nursery, as well as some storage items for our spare room.  Here’s what I got, you may notice a trend:

For the Nursery I picked up 2 of these floating shelves (Lack).  They will go above the dresser/change table and I am anticipating them to be used mostly to hold other decor items, or possibly a Lego sculpture or two!

Ikea Floating shelf

I like how these shelves don’t show any brackets.  They are nice and big (about 3ft long!) and should last a while.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I’m really not a fan of ‘baby themes’ and Winnie the Pooh makes me cringe.  That said, I’m on the hunt for a vintage painting, or print that would fit in a frame to place on these shelves.  Hubby Bumpkin’s Army Unit has strong ties to Winnie the Bear, and I think it would be sweet to include just a little piece of decor like that in Baby Bumpkin’s nursery!

I am also really getting excited to build Baby Bumpkin’s personal library!  Books and reading is such an important past time, and one I hope he grows to love as he gets older!  I already have a handful of books that I have saved over the years, and many that have been gifted to us!  The idea seen on Pinterest to use Ikea spice racks was high on my list, unfortunately I discovered that the stores are now really struggling to keep them in stock long enough for me to get in and grab a few.  Instead I purchased 4 of these (Ribba Picture Ledge):

Ikea Picture ledge

Pinterest Library

I think it’s important to display books front facing for children to get the best view.  I don’t really know why, but it’s something that meant a lot to me, so this makes for a great way to create that library look!    I plan to put these in a little ‘nook’ that is already in his room, so it may look more like a corner than flat on a wall like above.

Unfortunately since arriving home, I’ve discovered the shelves are far too long for either wall I was planning on putting them.  Hubby Bumpkin is going to try and cut them down to size, but if that doesn’t work, we’ll have to look into other options.

Finally for the nursery I purchased 3 white picture frames with white matting (you’ll have to wait and see what goes in them!) and this rug for the floor.  I was really hoping to get a shag carpet that they sell (in the perfect size by the way) but it came in every wonderfully bright colour other than orange, which was what I was looking for.  I’m still keeping my eyes open, as this will easily roll up and come out for play time down the road, but until I find it, this will work just fine. (it’s several ft. long and wide, so it is much larger than it appears)

Ikea Rug

In our guest bedroom we currently have books piled on the floor because we just don’t have the storage to put them anywhere else.  I bought 2 Billy Bookshelves to put in there and hopefully get those books off the floor!  These are for practical use only, and were on sale for $69 (listed online etc for $100)

Ikea Billy Shelf

I would really like to add a couple of bookshelves to our living room, however the $100+ price difference between these shelves and the ones I want (pictured below) have put that plan on hold for a little while.

Ikea Hemnes

Over all I’m happy with what I was able to pick up, and I know that I’ll be back a few more times to get other items in the future!

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