My Day

Just a short update on my day:

This morning I woke up nice and early, drove and parked downtown in the Big City (a very scary place for this country bumpkin!) and spent the majority of the day in a course to become a CRST (Child Restraint Safety Technician)  I really enjoyed everything we covered today, and tomorrow should be just as good before we have a “celebration of learning” in which we must receive grade of 80% or higher to get our certificate!

This evening I got in for an appointment with one of my very good friends, who is also a massage therapist, for my 2nd pre natal massage.  I don’t know if this happens to others, but I find I am a lot more sensitive to touch than I was pre pregnancy, even in my arms and legs, the skin just can’t handle a lot of pressure.  It was still lovely, but she confirmed that the pain I’m feeling is related to my sciatic nerve, so before bed tonight, you bet I’m going to google anything I can that might give me a little relief (other than the massage, which was wonderful!)

Well I hope to post much more detail next week about my adventures in the City and also about some more of my purchases while here!  But until then, poor you, will have to suffer through a couple more dull posts like this one!

There have been a few more really excellent guesses on Baby Bumpkin’s Name Game!  You are all making fantastic suggestions, and some seem to feel pretty confident that you’ve got it figured out!  We’ll still have to wait and see once Baby arrives, but in the mean time, here is another clue!

Name Clue:

Baby Bumpkin’s name has some more Royal connections.  His name is one of the middle names of each of 2 currently well known members of the royal family!

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