The Beauty Un-Guru

To say I feel out of my element when it comes to doing my make up is the understatement of the year!  I have given YouTube tutorial videos a try or two, and even shared the results HERE.  I just can’t seem to gain enough confidence to play around with makeup in the ‘real world.  But while I’d never claim to know what I’m doing I felt the need to share with you my experience with my new “must have” beauty products!

While in the states I picked up the Urban Decay Naked Palette at Sephoras.  It is more expensive than I would normally spend on any single product however the results are more than worth it! Between $50 and $60 depending what side of the border you’re on!

urban decay

I have used it every day I’ve worn makeup since it’s purchase and I am crazy about the look it gives with almost no effort!

I also splurged on the Too Faced Natural Face Palette!  My favorite part of this product is that it comes with cards that give directions for simple, to more advance looks that anyone can do while using their palette!  (remember when I said I wanted to learn more about highlighting and contouring…. voila!)

too faced

I particularly love these colours with my skin tone, I don’t seem to blend well with pinks and purples, so this has been perfect for me!

makeup collage

makeup collage 2

Keep in mind this isn’t a hair blog!!!  We’ll get to that when I find some magic beans to plant in my back yard and I grow a personal stylist!

But I can say these 2 different looks were very easy to do!  I didn’t struggle with using colours, and both looks lasted all day!    The beauty of these eyeshadows are that there are multiple combinations that you really can’t screw up because they are designed to work together!  And the combination of powder and cream cheek colours are simple to work with and blend!

I really recommend if you are anything like me and struggle with make up confidence that you pick up these two palettes!  I feel so much better about doing my make up, and I am really enjoying playing with my face now!

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