Car Seat First Impressions!

While we were in the States for a few days my dad and brother decided to take a little boys getaway to the country, and were generous enough to offer to house sit for us!   It was very kind of them to look after our kitty as well!  My parents live just over 3 hours from us, and although close enough to visit every once in a while, I often wish it wasn’t such a ‘trek’ to go home or have them visit more frequently.


My dad and youngest brother (pictured in yellow, now, by far the tallest person in our family) spent some quality time with Kitty Bumpkin.

My parents have been so excited to become grandparents and have supported us in all kinds of ways, including blessing us with everything from maternity clothes, to a huge basket of clothing for Baby Bumpkin, a gorgeous shower gift, paint for the nursery and most recently the car seat we finally decided on!  When we arrived home from our trip the car seat magically appeared in our dining room!!!

Like every informed parent, car seat safety is incredibly important to me.  Balancing safety with easy use and a seat that will fit our needs and vehicle wasn’t an easy task, and I shared a lot about that in THIS post.  It has become such an obsession for me that I’m actually heading into the Big City this week for 2 days of training to become a Child Restraint Systems (CRS) technician.  I am hoping that I can provide  a service in our community that helps keep children as safe as possible, while also learning how to best protect Baby Bumpkin in our vehicle!  Expect to see frequent posts here as well regarding the things I learn!

We are waiting until after I complete the course to install the seat in my car.  But I’d like to share with you my first impressions of this seat, after reading the manual and playing with the seat’s features while in the house!  These are just my personal opinions:


Over all I’m impressed!  Although there is a lack of colour/design choices, the look of this seat is nothing to complain about.  It is gender neutral and fairly simple in colour and design.  In the summer I see the black fabric may be hot when left in the car, but I think that this is a concern for any seat.

The seat itself isn’t narrow, fitting 3 across in my car would be impossible, however 2 would fit comfortably and in the meantime this will work well for us.  Also without knowing the body type Baby Bumpkin will  have this seat should be accommodating no matter what.

IMG_1420By far my favorite feature is that the headrest removes from this seat giving it a better fit for younger infants in smaller vehicles.  I’m interested to see how the rebound bar at the foot of this seat works with installation, but that’s for another post!

IMG_1419 IMG_1418

The padding looks very comfy, easy to wipe down/keep clean, and is easy to remove and place into the seat.  The straps are also extremely easy to adjust, and the buckle for the 5 point harness has 2 different settings ensuring a better fit for your child!


The cover as a whole is easy to remove with snaps that hold it into place.   Being able to lift the cover makes installation with the Latch or a seat belt much simpler.  There are even lock offs that will hold the belt in place!  I think the ease of install will be one of my favorite features of this seat!  There is also a built in level to make sure that the seat is in the right position!  Talk about fool proof!!


The buckles all look and feel solid and secure, and with many options for size settings I’m confident we’ll get the right fit for Baby Bumpkin in this seat!

Overall I am very happy with our decision!  I can’t wait to get this seat into our car, and in the near future (eek) the ultimate user testing by using it with Baby Bumpkin!

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