Land of 10000 Lakes!

Some people choose a fancy get away to the tropics, or a romantic week in Paris as the final vacation before baby arrives and changes your life as a couple forever.  Those people clearly have a lot more money and a much greater sense of adventure than we do!  We chose to road trip to Minnesota as our “Babymoon”.


We left Sunday around lunch time and after only 2 pee/fuel breaks arrived at our hotel just before 7pm!  Because techy gadgets generally aren’t our thing, we skipped taking along the GPS and instead I printed off some google maps to direct us to the hotel.  Within the first 2 hours from home we already had discovered some flaws in their directions, but it didn’t take much for us to find the correct way on our own.  Luckily, the closer to more densely populated areas we got the more accurate it became.

Friends of ours arrived later that night with their children (I think I may have previously mistyped when I said they had a 3 yr old and a 3 month old… in fact they have a 3 yr old and a 5 month old…those darn things grow up so fast!).  We all booked our hotel rooms through Hotwire, and although not a luxury hotel by any means, you really can’t argue with such a good deal… and a free breakfast!

First thing monday morning we loaded up and headed to the Minnesota Zoo!  It was a good day, with lots of walking, and even though it was cool and cloudy it never rained!   Hubby Bumpkin commented after following the 3 yr old’s pace which included rushing past some parts she wasn’t interested in, and spending what seemed like an eternity at the parts she was (great parenting practice  no?) that he wished we could have spent more time ‘reading the signs’.  He has always been a ‘learner’ and never likes to be rushed through that process.  Parenting will be an adventure with him for sure!

Day 2 we went to the Mall of America.  Again, there was a lot of walking, and boy was I sore already.  My back, butt and legs all ached from the Zoo walking the day before.  It didn’t help that as a “break” from all that shopping we decided to go bowling!  I have never been 10 pin bowling before.  It was fun, but maybe not the smartest idea for a woman 34 weeks pregnant, with horrible balance.  I did fall. Not my proudest moment.

On our last day in town, we actually headed about 45 minutes to the Albertville Outlets.  Discount shopping at it’s finest.  I made a pretty good haul on baby clothes, some for ours and some as gifts for my nephew, as well as maternity and nursing wear!

Our final stop before leaving the area was a stop at a Super Target!  A store, not yet found locally!  I picked up a bunch more baby items, and with the exception of a few things, I couldn’t track down in the US, I am that much closer to being ready for Baby Bumpkin’s arrival!


Baby clothes, nursing/maternity tops, nursing bras, and a diaper change pad!

More M.O.A./Target purchases

More M.O.A./Target purchases

I also splurged on myself and picked up the Urban Decay Naked Pallet. And Too Faced Natural Face Pallet.  I am madly in love with both, and there may even be a blog post in the future dedicated solely to those products!

About 2 hrs from home we stopped to pick up lumber to build our second garden bed this summer.  After a little frustration at the store, we were ready to hit the road again, and unfortunately missed an important turn and wound up heading a good amount of time down the wrong highway… We wound up cutting across the state, and only added an additional 40 mins to our trip!

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