Don’t Ask Don’t Tell VEDA Tag- Blog Edition

Since I stopped making videos a few months ago, there have been some really fun, and interesting Tag videos that have been put up on Youtube.  While turning a video tag into a written blog may not be the most entertaining idea, I figured why not give it a shot.

This tag came along via Babybellykelli (click on her name to watch her video)  She created the questions and some ground rules.  The first rule is that I have to disable comments.  I don’t actually know how to do this on my blog, so instead I ask that you are respectful as these issues are not up for debate.   I am simply stating my own, personal opinion, and I do not expect everyone to agree, and I do not intend to start any drama.  In general please know that I am VERY open to others having differing opinions, and I’m not ever convinced that “I’m right”.

Another rule is that I’m not allowed to explain my answers.  This is difficult, and I assume that this is where I may get myself into some trouble, but a rule is a rule 🙂  So let’s get started

Question #1:

Democrat or Republican (Liberal or Conservative in Canada):  I consider myself to be Liberal-ish.

Question #2:

Did you vote? BE HONEST, and if so who did you vote for?  Yes.  In the most recent Canadian federal election I voted Conservative.

Question #3:

Pro-Gay, or Anti-Gay? I am pro-people.

Question #4:

Pro-Life, or Pro-Choice? I am somewhere in the middle, leaning pro-life.

Question #5:

For or against vaccinations? I am personally fully vaccinated.  I am for the existence of vaccines.

Question #6:

Sugar before the age of 1? Not planning on it

Question #7:

TV before the age of 1? Not planning on it

Question #8:

Cloth diapers, disposable, or both? Both, transitioning to exclusive cloth.

Question #9:

Circumcisions, yes or no? no

Question #10:

Homeschool, public schools, or private schools? Not sure.  Likely Public.

Question #11:

Spanking, or no spanking? No spanking

Question #12:

Cursing in front of your children, ok or not ok? Not preferable 

Question #13:

Do you believe in God? Yes

Question #14:

CIO (cry it out method) yes or no?  Not planning on it

Question #15:

Organic, or non-organic? Organic when possible

Question #16:

Fast food for kids? Not planning on it

Question #17:

Do you agree with co-sleeping? I see many benefits for families who this works for

Question #18:

Breast or formula? Breast

Question #19:

Natural birth, or epidural?  Preparing for a natural birth

Question #20:

Rear facing until 1, or 2? Rear facing until baby maxes out on seat height/weight.

Question #21:

Name brand, or off brands? Both

Question #22:

Hand-me-downs or brand new? Both

Question #23:

Pop, or water, for you and for your kids? Me: Home= water Restaurant= pop, iced tea  Kids: Water or milk anywhere

Question #24:

Ok dating age? When they can drive (15/16)

Question #25:

Do you consume alcohol, and if so how much? Not currently due to pregnancy.  Otherwise, yes, socially.  A few drinks (3-4 max) in an evening, once every couple of months.

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