Baby Moon

I am busily getting ready for our last little ‘get away’ before Baby Bumpkin’s arrival this week.  We leave on Sunday for a few days to Minneapolis, MN for shopping, sight seeing, a little relaxing and spending time with our friends!

Mall of America

The original plan was that Hubby Bumpkin was working days on Sunday, so I would have everything packed up and ready to go at exactly 5pm, he would race home (arriving probably right around 5:03…. gotta love living so close to his work!) we’d load the truck, and take off.  Grabbing supper on the road!   Come to find out he was owed a full day off, so we are now able to leave at our leisure Sunday morning or afternoon, giving us more time to enjoy the relaxing 6 hour road trip.  This also takes the pressure off my bladder, as we wouldn’t be in a rush to get to our hotel, making a few more pee breaks won’t be such a big deal!

Minnesota may not seem like ‘the ultimate travel destination’ but at this point, I’ll take what I can get!!!  I’m also much more comfortable traveling within only a few hours of home, should there be any need to race back and into the care of our own Midwife! (we are also well insured should we need medical care while in the US)

We will be meeting friends of ours down there, they are staying for a full week, and although they are also traveling on Sunday, they have a 3 year and 3 month old to contend with.  (if nothing else we could possibly be taking the same amount of breaks on the road!)  So we planned to get there separately and meet up, possibly in time for supper. At the very least in time for a before bed swim!

Our plan is to spend a full day shopping/playing at the Mall of America, at least half a day wandering around the Minnesota Zoo… The 3 yr old and I share the most excitement for this activity!  I freaking love zoos!  And another half day we plan to split up and the boys (along with a very excited 3 yr old girl) will head to Cabela’s, while her mom, the baby and I spend some more time discount hunting at the Albertville Outlet Mall!

Hubby Bumpkin and I plan to head back on Wed. afternoon with a pit stop at a lumber yard to pick up supplies for building an additional garden bed for this summer!

I am really looking forward to picking up a couple more ‘big ticket’ items for Baby Bumpkin’s nursery, but whatever we don’t get on this trip will be purchased very soon after we arrive home!  I have fairly specific ideas of what we have left to get before he arrives, and what can wait a little while until he is older.  Some we may find that we won’t want later on anyways!  But the things we can find in the US are generally much more affordable than here at home (so much for ‘buying local’) and I’m always in the market for saving a buck or two!

I am also in search of some really great summer nursing apparel!  Bras specifically I could use now!  But I would love to find some summer weather tops, bottoms and dresses!  I know my body isn’t likely to ‘bounce back’ all that quickly, so clothing I can feel good in, and that is practical for feeding the little guy easily and discreetly is high on my priority list!

With all this walking and shopping at 34 weeks pregnant… One thing is for sure…. I will be wearing the comfiest shoes I own!

It will probably be a couple of days before I make another post, but I will be sure to update you after we get home from the trip!

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