My What Big Eyes You Have

In another post to share some of my old photos (from the wonderful scrapbook given to my from my mom) I wanted to share this “gem” of myself around 16 months old.
Kalynn 16 months

When I think about what Baby Bumpkin will look like this is the closest representation of the picture in my mind.    One of my features that I wouldn’t be surprised to see in Baby Bumpkin is my eyes.  I know babies generally look more like their dad’s at birth, but I suspect there are some strong family genes on my side that will come up, maybe even in unexpected ways!  I guess only time will tell!

Were you surprised with how your little one looked when they were born?  What were you expecting them to look like, what that the reality?



Baby Bumpkin Name Clue:

If you have a preschooler who enjoys PBS Kids, you are likely very familiar with our chosen name, and his love to “Read” 🙂

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