When I Wish I had a Blog

As many of you who follow the same Youtube mommies that I do know it is VEDA (Vldeo Every Day in April!)  This means many of my favorites are posting all kinds of goodies on their channels this month!!!

One Mama I’m enjoying started her VEDA videos a little early while on her family trip to Europe!  I highly recommend you go check out Krystal’s videos, she is such a super star mommy, with 2 adorable little ones!  Her channel is MrsFineFettle!

Her videos through Paris reminded me of my trip there a few years back, and makes me desperately hope for the future that we will be able to share those kinds of experiences with our children.  This is one of those things I wish I had a blog for “way back in the day”.  So I decided to share it now!

The Country Bumpkins in France 2008!


We traveled under some very unusual circumstances.  Hubby Bumpkin had been deployed in Afghanistan for 5.5 months before he got leave.  The military paid close to $2600 for our transportation to the destination of our choice, it seemed like an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.  Hubby Bumpkin had been on a tour of French battle fields a few years earlier and really loved it, and I was born with a desire to travel anywhere, it didn’t really matter to me where.  So France it was!  We decided, just because of the nature of our trip/timing that touring war memorials wasn’t such a great idea, although that is something I’d be interested in doing in the future.  So we spent a couple days in Paris, then traveled into the countryside for the rest of our trip where we stayed pretty central, taking day trips to the coast, and spent one night in Switzerland.


This was the first we had been together in almost 6 months!

I think that because of our situation at the time, there were many things we learned the hard way to change for next time around.  My attitude would be very different doing this trip over again, and I wouldn’t recommend traveling as extensively when newly reunited!  It became very stressful, and although I LOVE to travel, during Hubby Bumpkin’s second deployment, we opted for him to just come home instead!

Realistically traveling to Europe with our family may never happen, but it is a goal I have when my children are older, or at least old enough to learn from, and appreciate that kind of travel.  It is a large financial cost, but what an amazing learning opportunity!


Sitting on grass for the first time in almost half a year!

I really enjoyed staying in Paris, I am a sucker for the typical ‘tourist’ photos, including these ones from Le Arc De Triomphe, and us on the Eiffel Tower.



Now that we’re a little older, and wiser I think we’d spend more time enjoying the French experience and culture!  I wouldn’t put so much pressure on us going everywhere, and seeing everything.  Travel should be about relaxing, immersing yourself with the local people and discovering the ‘off the beaten path’ sights!  Don’t get me wrong, I will always fully intend on capturing those cheesy touristy shots, but that shouldn’t be the priority on every trip!

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