Happy Belated Easter

I had an absolutely fantastic weekend looking after the girls I used to nanny!  We crammed a lot of fun into a few short days, and as much as I’m glad to be home, and able to sleep in past 5:45 am, I miss them so much already!

Sat. we were swimming at the YMCA!  I invited one of my best friends, who also happens to nanny for a family friend of these girls.  She had the day off, but came along just for the fun of it!  When we arrived I immediately noticed that the drop in fee for an adult was $9, and a child was $4.  However a family pass cost only $13!  When I moved closer to the sign I noted that it read as follows.  “Up to 2 adults in a spousal relationship and their dependant children.”    Ummm really?  I’d consider myself to be fairly conservative, or at least understanding of those who are… but this even seemed surprising to me.  Can they really define a relationship like this?  What if you were a single mom and needed an extra set of hands while at the pool, or in my case as a nanny, taking the children you potentially care for day in and day out for a fun outing, were they really going to make you pay twice as much as someone in a ‘spousal relationship’?
Being the cheap stake that I am, I did ask if this was a strict policy, or if I could buy a family pass for the 4 of us, I think they assumed I was challenging them, because with only a slight hesitation, the guy gave us the family pass, saving us half the cost!  We had a great time.  I really love the water!

Sunday morning I took the girls with me to the church I attended before moving away from the City.   Every Easter they have some sort of celebration surprise and this year was no different.  I linked a video to the opening song (which is not out of the ordinary, they sing everything from U2, Van Halen, Great Big Sea, to Lady Antebellum)  At the end of the service, during the last song, thousands of balloons dropped from the ceiling!  It was so cool watching the look on the girls’ faces.  There were so many balloons that they had to be popped in order to walk, sit, etc.  I was almost up to my knees in balloons at one point!  On our way out the door, incase we hadn’t shown up to church with a sugar high (thanks Mr. Easter Bunny!) we were given ice cream sandwiches!

It was so special spending time together, and I was happy to see them enjoying all the activities we did!


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