48 Days Left!

Only 48 days left!  I’m sure you can imagine the shock, horror, and utter panic that I was overcome with when I read these “words of encouragement” in a weekly update email this morning!

I can’t believe I am already 33 weeks pregnant!  Last week we suffered through another belly shot, and wow can I see the difference now!

8 Months


I actually had to put some of the photos side by side to see any change prior to this past month… Now I can feel the changes, but it is still a little shocking even for me to see what a difference 1 month has made!

Belly Progression

At my last Midwife appointment, I was measuring right on track, Baby Bumpkin was moving so much when she was trying to feel his position, but he is still head down.  It’s so neat to feel a bum, elbow or foot poking out the side of my belly.  She was happy with my blood pressure, and otherwise recommended more massage therapy and possibly a trip to the chiropractor to help with some aches and pains in my back, hips and legs.

One of the most common symptoms I’m experiencing now is leg and foot cramps along with heart burn, both occurring most often first thing in the morning and before bed at night!  Otherwise I’m feeling good!

We are going on a mini road trip for some fun and shopping in Minneapolis next week!  We plan on picking up the last of our immediately needed baby items, as well as enough lumber to build a second garden bed for this summer’s garden!  It’s going to be our last chance to ‘get away’ before baby arrives, and I am looking forward to it!

If you are in the Bloomington/Minneapolis area and want to recommend any special shopping, dining locations (beyond the typical Mall of America, Albertville Outlets) please do!


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